How To Power Up Gravity Drive in Starfield?



Want to power up Gravity Drive on Starfield? If yes, follow the steps in our guide to boost the gravity drive module and jump to other planets at ease.

Starfield is a space adventure game. Here, spaceships are your vehicles. To traverse across planets, ships are required. Some ships don’t have the best features and modules. This can result in failure. But there’s a way to enhance your ship’s features. The best way is to boost gravity drive for ships. The Gravity Drive module ensures you travel faster than light, avoid  attacks, jump from locations and more.

You can power up gravity drive in your ships to ease things. This can be done from one of the existing systems itself. Gravity drive is a major component for your ships in Starfield. Also, the countdown for ships gets reduced once you boost gravity. With the GRV system, you can allot extra powers to your gravity drive. Here’s all about Starfield gravity drive and steps to power it up. 

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Steps to Power Up Gravity Drive in Starfield!

To power up gravity, you have to re-allocate them to the Gravity Drive system. This can be done very easily. Here are the steps to power up Gravity Drive in Starfield,

Starfield power up gravity drive
Starfield combat
  • Open the Gravity Drive system (GRV)
  • Tap Alt key on PC and D-Pad on Consoles to collect energy from other engines
  • Choose your powers and set it to a limit 
  • Confirm and allocate them to the gravity drive

That’s how you can power up gravity drive in Starfield. You have to transfer at least one unit from your system to the GRV to make it function faster. There’s no limit on the maximum units as well. Once your GRV is boosted, you can perform the gravity jump mechanic as well.

You can simply jump from one planet to the other, one star system to the other and this can be chosen from your star map. With the jump key, the action gets completed. Also, gravity drive can be upgraded at Spaceports with help of NPCs and ship technicians.

That’s everything you need to know about Starfield gravity drive and ways to power it. Be it finding the starting planets, unlocking ships and boosting its gravity drive module, everything is essential in Starfield. 


Is it Necessary to Build Outposts in Starfield?

Yes, outposts are required and you can construct them on planets that have high resources. Starfield Outposts and bases can be used to store your resources and equipment. You can also keep weapons and recruit NPCs. You have to build crew stations before hiring crew members at outposts.

How many main missions are available in Starfield?

As of now, there are 19 main story quests. You can beat Starfield after completing these missions that have plenty of objectives to do. Main story quests are essential for your progress in the game.

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