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Starfield Stronghold Ship

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The Starfield Stronghold Ship is known for its Class C status, boasting impressive energy reserves, a capacity for up to six crew members, and outstanding shields and hull strength.

In the vast universe of Starfield, where spacefaring spacecraft are what stand between you and exciting interstellar adventures, upgrading your ship is not merely a luxury; it is a requirement. The Stronghold Ship is a Class C starship that exemplifies the very best in terms of both engineering and power. In this article, we will tell you how to achieve the Starfield Stronghold Ship. This will ensure that you begin your trip across the cosmos with the maximum strength and endurance possible.


The Ship Class Spectrum

Starfield presents a wide variety of starship classes, which can be identified by the letters A, B, and C respectively. Your skill as a pilot will determine whether or not you are qualified to command higher-class ships. Each of this provides improved performance compared to its predecessor. The capabilities of these modern vessels far outweigh the expense of purchasing them, despite the fact that doing so may require a sizeable expenditure of credit.

How to Get Starfield Stronghold Ship: Purchase or Heist

People who want to go into space have two main ways to get a new starship: they can buy one or take one over. The usual, but expensive, way to do this is to buy a ship. On the other hand, taking a ship without being seen is cheaper, but you still have to pay for it to be registered in your name, which costs money. No matter what road you choose, it’s important to talk to local Ship Service Technicians because they often have a lot of starships for sale.

Starfield Stronghold Ship Location

Those who want to find the powerful Starfield Stronghold Ship must first go to the Cheyenne system, which is run by the powerful Freestar Collective. The second celestial body that goes around the sun is the planet Akila, which is part of this system. Akila City is a major transportation hub and where you will arrive. After you land, head toward the city, but be careful not to go through the main entryway. Instead, turn right where there is a small house with a “Ship Service” sign. In this place, you’ll meet the skilled Ship Services Technician who guards the entrance to your Stronghold.

Stronghold Ship Specifications

The Starfield Stronghold Ship represents the Class C starship tier, requiring you to achieve the pinnacle of piloting proficiency for authorization. Failure to meet this prerequisite will result in the frustrating “You Are Not Authorized To Fly This Ship” message, despite your substantial investment. The Stronghold boasts a reactor with an impressive 27 energy bars, dedicated to powering its multifarious systems. Furthermore, it can accommodate a crew of up to six individuals.

For interstellar travelers, the Stronghold shines as a beacon of versatility. With an engine capable of leaping an impressive 30 lightyears and a cargo capacity of 2360, it excels in both exploration and trade endeavors. Its most distinctive feature lies in its formidable shields and hull strength, earning it the moniker “Stronghold.” Whether you envision your ship as a mobile home or a fortress among the stars, the Stronghold offers ample space for customization, ensuring your cosmic haven aligns precisely with your preferences.

In Starfield’s cosmic journey, the Stronghold Ship stands out as a sign of strength and flexibility. With our complete help, you now know everything you need to know to start looking for this powerful ship. When you have the Stronghold, your adventures in space will hit new heights. The universe is waiting for you, and you will do great things.



Where can I find the Starfield Stronghold Ship?

To acquire the Stronghold Ship, you need to journey to the Cheyenne system, controlled by the Freestar Collective. On the planet Akila, specifically in Akila City, you’ll find a Ship Services Technician offering the Stronghold for sale. Exercise caution not to enter through the main gate of the city, but rather, head to the right to locate the ship services building.

What piloting skill level is required to fly the Stronghold Ship?

The Stronghold Ship is classified as a Class C vessel in Starfield. To pilot it, you must achieve the highest level of piloting skill. Attempting to fly it without meeting this requirement will result in a message stating, “You Are Not Authorized To Fly This Ship.” Therefore, it’s essential to advance your piloting proficiency to unlock the full potential of the Stronghold.

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