Starfield Character Creation Guide – Traits, Backgrounds, and more


Starfield Character Creation allows you to modify your character’s appearance later in the game, potentially at genetics facilities on various planets or even on your spaceship. 

Starfield character creation mechanism is a huge step forward, giving players a new level of freedom and creativity. This article will go over every part of character creation in Starfield, from biometric IDs to character backgrounds and attributes. If you want to make your character with the best appearance, backgrounds, traits, and more, then this guide is for you. With this Starfield character creation guide, you can design the ideal protagonist for your intergalactic adventures.

Biometric ID: Your Cosmic Identity

The journey begins with Biometric ID, where you lay the foundation for your character. Starfield offers a diverse range of pre-set models, each with its unique charm. Choose one that resonates with your vision or select from up to 43 pre-sets. These models serve as a canvas for your character, allowing you to customize them further in the next stage. It’s worth noting that Biometrics can be altered later in the game, possibly at genetics facilities located on various Starfield planets or even on your own spaceship.

Crafting Your Physical Form: Body Customization

Starfield embraces inclusivity by offering players choices in body types. You can opt for a feminine or masculine physique, and then fine-tune it using a circular grid that focuses on three key areas: muscularity, slimness, and robustness. Adjust the dot’s position on the grid to sculpt your character’s musculature, weight, and overall body structure. While it’s unclear if these presets affect gameplay mechanics, they certainly allow for a tailored appearance.

A remarkable addition to the character customization repertoire is the “walking style” option. This unique feature permits you to select your character’s walking animation, offering a subtle yet impactful way to express your character’s personality. Furthermore, you can refine your character’s appearance by choosing the perfect skin tone, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision.

Sculpting a Unique Face: Unprecedented Flexibility

In Starfield, you can change your face in ways that have never been done before. In this area, Bethesda has really outdone itself by letting players change the shape of their character’s head, making it square, thin, wide, or round. There are different sliders that can be used to change things like the lips, eyes, chin, and neck. But what really makes Starfield shine is how you can change the way you look.

Developers have gone to great lengths to make sure that every character has unique scars, skin color, temperature, and skin features called dermaesthetics that make them stand out. This attention to detail gives characters life and lets you make unique people with birthmarks and war scars that look real and tell their own story. Jewelry and teeth choices add more levels of customization, giving modders and the modding community more ways to change the game, which is one of Bethesda’s biggest strengths.

Starfield Character Creation Guide: Character Backgrounds

Bethesda is known for its ability to tell good stories, and Starfield is no exception. Your character’s background is like your “starting class” in the game. You can choose from 21 different backgrounds. Your choice here determines your first set of skills and has a big effect on how the game’s environment and NPCs respond to you.

As with other Bethesda games, Starfield Character Creation choices and path are mostly unrestricted. The game doesn’t put any limits on how you can play or what will happen to you. But be ready for different reactions from NPCs. Some of them might not like the background you picked. For example, if you choose a Gangster background, NPCs who don’t like your chef’s food might accuse you of murder or give you bad reviews of his food.

Starfield Character Creation Guide: Traits

Finally, Starfield grants players the opportunity to select up to three traits from an extensive list. These traits bestow unique advantages and disadvantages upon your character, adding depth to your gameplay experience. However, not all traits can be combined; some are mutually exclusive. For example, if you choose the “Kid Stuff” trait, your character can visit their living parents, and 2% of your earnings will be sent to them. This not only opens up potential dialogue options but could also trigger special quests or in-game events, making each playthrough a unique journey.

Dream home
Dream home

In the end, Starfield’s character generation system is truly revolutionary in how deep and customizable it is. Whether you’re an experienced space traveler or just starting out, this guide will give you the information you need to make a character that will stand out in the vastness of the universe. Get ready to go on an adventure you’ll never forget, where your decisions affect the fate of the world one character at a time.


Do character backgrounds in Starfield affect gameplay significantly?

Absolutely. Your character’s background, essentially your starting class, influences your initial skills and how NPCs interact with you. It’s a key element of role-playing in Starfield and adds depth to your playthrough. Your chosen background can lead to different quests, reactions, and outcomes.

How do traits impact gameplay in Starfield?

Traits offer both advantages and disadvantages to your character. You can select up to three traits, and they can have a profound impact on your gameplay experience. Some traits are mutually exclusive, so choose wisely. For example, selecting the “Kid Stuff” trait allows you to visit your living parents and triggers unique events, but it comes with a 2% earnings deduction.

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