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Legendary farming in Starfield refers to the process of acquiring high-quality legendary gear. Check our Starfield looting guide for more.

In the vast and immersive universe of Starfield, adventurers often seek legendary loot to enhance their journey. The allure of legendary gear lies in its exceptional power and unique attributes, making it highly sought after by players. To maximize your chances of obtaining these items, we look into the art of Legendary farming with our Starfield looting guide.


Starfield Looting Guide: Understanding Starfield’s Legendary Loot System

Starfield employs a tiered loot system, which dictates the quality of items you acquire. While some exceptional gear can be obtained through vendors or quests, a significant portion of legendary loot is obtained randomly. However, the randomness isn’t the only factor at play. Several variables influence the quality and attributes of these legendary items, adding complexity to the acquisition process.

In Starfield, loot is subject to numerous randomized variables. Not only are the items themselves random, but their design, modifiers, abilities, and stats are also determined by additional random factors. While this randomness adds excitement to looting, it can be frustrating when seeking specific, high-quality gear.

Starfield Looting Guide: Save Scumming for Legendary Loot

Save scumming is a technique that can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining the legendary gear you desire. Here are the best ways to employ this method:

1. Create a Quick Save Before Looting a Known Legendary Item

Some legendary items have set locations in the world. For instance, you might find Legendary Armor behind a display case. To ensure you obtain the ideal version of that item, create a quick save before looting it. If the item doesn’t meet your desired specifications, simply load the save and try again. Repeat this process until you acquire the perfect legendary item.

2. Quick Save Before Killing an Elite Enemy

Elite and “Boss” enemies in Starfield have a higher likelihood of dropping better legendary gear. Before engaging one of these formidable foes, create a quick save. If the enemy fails to drop a legendary item, reload the save and try again. As loot is randomized upon an enemy’s death, each attempt provides a chance for different items. Repeat this process until you secure the legendary gear you seek.

3. Quick Save Before Starting a Loot Run

While Starfield lacks traditional dungeons, it features areas filled with powerful enemies resembling dungeon-like environments. To maximize your loot haul, create a quick save before embarking on these loot runs. If your first attempt yields no legendary items, reload your save and make another run through the area. Repeat this process to enhance your legendary loot collection.

Leveraging Difficulty Scumming for Legendary Items

Starfield looting guide explains you that the game offers a unique approach to enhancing legendary item drops through difficulty scumming. Follow these steps to capitalize on this method:

  • Set the game to the highest difficulty level, “Very Hard,” via the Options menu before entering an area with enemies and loot.
  • After loading into the area, adjust the difficulty level to the easiest setting. This setup ensures enemies drop loot associated with the higher difficulty while their AI behaves as if the game is on the lowest difficulty.

Note: Ensure you perform this trick before loading into an area. If you change the difficulty setting after loading, the loot table will remain associated with the easier difficulty. If you typically play on a higher difficulty level, you can temporarily switch to an easier setting during challenging fights while still benefiting from the best possible loot.

Starfield Looting Guide: Best Legendary Loot Farming Spots

Now that you have followed our Starfield looting guide, its time for best farming spots. To expedite your legendary loot farming endeavors, focus on “Kill” missions available on Mission Boards throughout the game. These mission boards are commonly found in major cities, ships, and outposts. When interacting with them, prioritize missions with “Kill” objectives. These missions lead to dungeon-like areas filled with enemies, including a boss enemy at the end—the ideal target for legendary loot.

Upon accepting a “Kill” mission, you have several options. You can tackle the area conventionally and gather loot as you go. Alternatively, you can combine save scumming and difficulty swap techniques to maximize your chances of obtaining superior loot. The choice is yours, offering flexibility in your farming strategy.


If “Kill” missions are unavailable or you wish to diversify your farming locations, you can apply similar techniques at various enemy outposts throughout the game. While no single spot offers significantly better loot via this method, most feature similar layouts, enemy densities, and opportunities to utilize elite and boss enemies for farming. Select a spot that suits your preferences, apply your chosen exploits, and amass a wealth of legendary gear. By mastering the art of legendary farming in Starfield, you’ll soon find yourself equipped with a formidable arsenal of legendary gear, enhancing your galactic adventures like never before.


How does save scumming work in Starfield?

Save scumming in Starfield involves creating quick saves before crucial actions, such as looting known legendary items or engaging elite enemies. If the desired outcome isn’t achieved, players can reload the save and try again, increasing their chances of obtaining legendary gear.

Why should I change the difficulty level for legendary farming?

Adjusting the difficulty level in Starfield, specifically employing the “difficulty scumming” technique, can yield better legendary loot. It allows enemies to drop loot associated with a higher difficulty setting while retaining the easier AI behavior, making it easier to farm the best possible gear.

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