How to Get The Narwhal Ship in Starfield?

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Starfield’s Narwhal ship can be unlocked once you reach the Taiyo Astroneering floor in the Ryujin Industries. Check out how to unlock this premium ship.

In Starfield, there are hundreds of ships. You can only land on other planets with the help of a spaceship. Also, ships can be used to store resources, materials and weapons. The ship storage allows you to add your essential resources after getting them to your dock. Every ship comes with some crew members. You have to procure ships that have high cargo capacity and shields.

Narwhal is a Class C-type ship in Starfield. Narwhal is an excellent ship that you can use in the start, mid and later stages of the game. It’s a top-tier ship and has already become a fan favorite in a short time. Everything about the Narwhal ship has been good. Narwhal ship can be purchased for credits from trader shops. Here is how you can unlock the Starfield Narwhal ship.

Starfield Narwhal Ship – Everything You Need To Know!

The best location to get the Narwhal ship is Neon. Neon is a main location on the Volli Alpha, Volli system. The location is accessible from south of Alpha Centauri system.

Starfield Narwhal ship
Narwhal Ship

Once you reach Neon, travel to the Ryujin Industries from the streets. Get inside the red-colored building and find the elevator at the back end. Now, you have to reach the Taiyo Astroneering floor. Find the ship technician, Veronica, inside the room that’s located near stairs. Interact with her and she will show a list of ships that’s available for sale currently. You have to choose the Class C Narwhal ship and purchase it for a whopping 440,000 credits.

The bucks for the Narwhal ship may seem higher, but it’s completely worth your penny as this is an incredible ship with some remarkable features and benefits. The stats are also great and it will be effective for your progress in the game. You can use the ship until you complete Starfield.

Narwhal ship allows crew members upto 7. Also, the shield stats will be at 900+. The cargo capacity for the Narwhal ship is more than 1700 and all these should suffice your needs as well.

You can store your necessary equipment and crafting resources inside the ship storage. Narwhal is a top-tier ship right now and you have to save some credits to purchase this spaceship.

 Avoid spending bucks for unwanted items and save them to purchase the best equipment, ships, and weapons. Getting credits in Starfield is never an easy task. You have to play lots of quests or sell your items to farm them.

That’s how you can purchase and use the Narwhal ship in Starfield. Add this ship to your dock and travel to planets at ease. The Narwhal ship is only available in Ryujin Industries and it’s not available as a quest reward right now. Travel to Neon and unlock this luxury ship.


How to Get Ships in Starfield?

Ships are required to travel to planets. Starfield has hundreds of ships that you can get in different ways. The best ways are to complete side-quests and purchasing them for credits from vendors and ship technicians. Every ship allows you to hold items and resources. Traveling to other planets becomes easier with these spaceships.

Can you Recruit NPCs in Starfield?

Yes, you will meet Starfield NPCs right from the start. Once you complete some objectives or quests, you will be able to recruit them to your team. NPCs don’t stay for a long time as you can remove them from your crew once their job is done. NPCs offer different skills like stealth and scavenging.

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