How to find the Best Armor and Space Suits in Starfield


Are you looking for the best Starfield armor and space suits? Well, you have come to the right place. We have listed down some of the best for you.

In Starfield’s huge world, the way to stay alive often depends on how good your armor and spacesuit are. Your protective gear is your only way to survive the harsh cosmic elements and hostile environments you’ll meet on your journey. Even though helmets and packs add to your total defense, the spacesuit you wear is the main thing that determines your armor rating. 

When it comes to acquiring the best Starfield armor, it’s crucial to understand that your spacesuit plays a pivotal role. While helmets and packs offer defensive bonuses and often complement your spacesuit in a set, the spacesuit itself forms the core of your armor rating. Therefore, to attain the best Starfield armor, you must also seek the finest spacesuits the universe has to offer. This guide will show you the best weapons and spacesuits in Starfield. With this knowledge, you’ll be better able to stay alive and fight in space.


Best Starfield Armor and Space Suits

Starfield presents a diverse array of armor options, but discerning spacefarers know where to find the cream of the crop. In contrast to the intricacies of ship and weapon selection, the path to acquiring top-tier armor is refreshingly straightforward. Fewer skills are directly related to armor quality, with Spacesuit Design in the second tier of Science being the sole skill worth considering. This skill empowers you to craft superior mods if your chosen spacesuit lacks the desired enhancements. Here are the most exceptional spacesuits in the game, many of which are accompanied by complementary packs and helmets. 

Mark I Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack

How to Obtain: In New Atlantis, steal from the basement of The Lodge.

Our journey starts with the Mark I spacesuit, which comes with a helmet, a pack, and the spacesuit itself. You can get this best Starfield armor without fighting or doing complicated tasks, which is a surprise. Normally, you’d need to be a Master at digipicking to get into this armor. However, there’s a smart way to get in without knowing how to pick locks. This great set of armor is in the basement of The Lodge, in the room at the far end with a framed picture and some storage boxes. Inside, a Mark I spacesuit is put on a dummy that is in a glass case. 

You can steal from the mannequin by putting your mouse in the space between the door and the case. If the hack doesn’t work, you might want to raise your Security skill to level 3. With this level of skill, you can get around the Master-level lock and take the Mark I spacesuit out of the glass case. Even though it was made available early in the game, this armor has top-tier stats. As a common item, it doesn’t have any built-in benefits, so you can use the workbench to add the mods you want.

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet

How to Obtain: Gift from parents

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet await those who selected the Kid Stuff trait at the onset of the game, signifying that your parents are alive within the world of Starfield. Residing in New Atlantis, your parents’ abode grants you the privilege of visiting them at your convenience. After several visits, your mother will regale you with a captivating tale of your fictional grandmother’s service in the UC Marines.

Upon sharing this enchanting narrative, your mother will present you with Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet. This spacesuit, though somewhat bulky, boasts the Pocketed mod, enhancing your carrying capacity. Furthermore, its statistics are commendable, aligning closely with the formidable Mark I Spacesuit. If you wish to expedite the receipt of Gran-Gran’s armor, simply ensure you visit your parents every 24 hours, sleeping as needed.

Mercury Spacesuit

How to Obtain: Loot during the main mission, “Unearthed”

If you thought Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit was unconventional in appearance, prepare yourself for the Mercury Spacesuit, a relic reminiscent of 1950s attire. You’ll encounter this distinctive spacesuit on a mannequin while progressing through the main quest, “Unearthed.” In a room brimming with museum exhibits, including the Spirit Rover display, you’ll find the Mercury Spacesuit.

This somewhat clumsy silver outfit may evoke the image of being wrapped in aluminum foil, but its impressive statistics and the inclusion of the Pocketed mod, akin to Gran-Gran’s spacesuit, render it a formidable choice. The Mercury Spacesuit represents a viable alternative for those who did not opt for the Kid Stuff trait. However, acquiring it necessitates significant progress in the main story.

Mantis Spacesuit

How to Obtain: Complete the “Mantis” sidequest

The “Mantis” side quest is for people who want to go beyond the limits of normal space travelers. This quest takes you to a secret camp on a faraway planet and gives you the chance to become a real-life superhero vigilante. It also gives you the highly sought-after Mantis Spacesuit. This legendary-level best Starfield armor comes with a spacesuit, a helmet, and a pack, all of which have three random bonuses. If the first set of benefits doesn’t work for you, you can reload and try the quest again to get a new set of benefits. The Mantis Spacesuit is better than many other options and has better numbers than the Mark I Spacesuit. But getting it requires a more complicated task.

Starborn Spacesuit

How to Obtain: Enter The Unity

Last but not least, the Starborn Spacesuit represents the pinnacle of achievement and defense in Starfield. Upon completing the game and embarking on New Game Plus, you will automatically receive the Starborn Spacesuit Astra. This best Starfield armor immediately ranks among the finest spacesuits in the game, thanks to its formidable defense and resistance statistics.

As you proceed into New Game Plus repeatedly, the Starborn Spacesuit evolves, culminating in the Starborn Spacesuit Venator after the tenth entry into The Unity. Although achieving this upgraded armor entails significant effort, it is a pursuit worthy of the most ambitious spacefaring individuals. Beyond its outstanding protective qualities, the Starborn Spacesuit also boasts a visually striking design, setting it apart from its peers in the vast cosmos.


In Starfield, your ability to rule the universe depends on how well you can get the best weapons and spacesuits. Each of these amazing suits has its own benefits that fit different play styles and tastes. Whether you want easy access to the game early on or want to go on epic quests, the armor you choose will shape your trip through space. Choose carefully, be open to the universe, and may your adventures be as endless as the stars.


How do I obtain the Mark I Spacesuit in Starfield?

To acquire the Mark I Spacesuit, visit The Lodge in New Atlantis and head to the basement. Inside, you’ll find a mannequin wearing the Mark I Spacesuit in a glass case. You can exploit a workaround to loot it without lock-picking skills or, if needed, level up your Security skill to rank three to unlock the case.

Is it worth choosing the Kid Stuff trait to get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit?

The Kid Stuff trait in Starfield allows you to receive Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet as a gift from your parents. It’s a viable option if you prefer a bulky spacesuit with a carrying capacity boost. Whether it’s worth selecting this trait depends on your gameplay style and aesthetic preferences.

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