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To begin Starfield crafting, you must first engage in research projects. These projects unlock crafting recipes for various items, including weapon mods, spacesuit upgrades, and more. 

In Starfield’s huge universe, crafting things and doing research are the two most important parts of your journey. They might seem hard at first. But once you understand how they work, you’ll find them to be surprisingly easy. By doing research to unlock new items and changes and then crafting with the resources you’ve gathered on your cosmic odyssey, you can get a big edge over the Spacers and other enemies in the game. Below we will give you the Starfield Crafting guide.


Mastering Starfield Crafting

Once you’ve started on the journey of research and unlocked projects, the time comes to translate theory into action by crafting the items and enhancements you’ve discovered. While your initial spaceship provides some Starfield crafting stations, the Lodge serves as a comprehensive crafting hub, conveniently housing all required stations in its basement. You can easily fast travel to the Lodge whenever crafting becomes necessary.

While some ships feature crafting stations—such as the Galley for food production—it’s challenging to find one equipped with the complete array of crafting facilities. Furthermore, establishing crafting stations at your outpost, although achievable, demands time and resource investment. As you get into Starfield crafting, it’s crucial to understand that outpost buildings, while requiring resources, are not crafted at traditional crafting stations. Instead, you can place them strategically during outpost management in build mode.

The crafting stations at your disposal encompass the following:

Cooking Station (Galley)

This area is the best place to make food and items. Even though it is a great source for cooking ideas, be careful when making meals with items that can also be eaten directly. For example, an Alien Sandwich might need bread, which can also be eaten on its own. Make sure you don’t waste resources on making when you could just buy them.

Industrial Workbench

Utilize this station to convert raw materials like metals into specific items such as wire and building frames. These transformed materials play a crucial role in research projects, additional crafting, or the construction of outpost buildings. To avoid confusion, consider crafting specific items only when you have a clear purpose in mind, rather than accumulating surplus components that may ultimately go unused.

Pharmaceutical Lab

This specialized station focuses on Starfield crafting drugs and essential medical supplies. These items are vital for maintaining optimal health and performance, with some even enhancing your capabilities.

Spacesuit Workbench

Harness this station’s capabilities to craft and install modifications for your spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack. By selecting the relevant object, you’ll access a diverse range of mod types that can be applied, enabling you to enhance your equipment.


Weapons Workbench

Use this station to improve your guns by making and installing mods that fit your chosen way of playing. Choose a gun, pick a category (like barrel, scope, or stock), and look at the crafting choices for that category. It’s important to know that different guns have different mod slots and suitable upgrades. Not every gun can be used with a laser sight, and the stock of an Old Earth Hunting Rifle can’t be changed.

Mastering the complicated worlds of Starfield crafting and research can give you a big edge on your journey through space. By learning the differences between study categories, getting better at the skills you need, and making good use of crafting stations, you can improve your skills, overcome challenges, and do well in the uncharted parts of the cosmos. So, learn the art of Starfield crafting, find out what study is all about, and let your journey through Starfield be marked by new ideas and mastery.


What can I craft in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can craft a wide range of items, such as weapon modifications, spacesuit enhancements, medicinal items, and even outpost structures. Research projects are the key to unlocking crafting recipes for these items, allowing you to customize your character and expand your cosmic adventures.

How do I improve my crafting skills in Starfield?

To enhance your crafting capabilities in Starfield, you’ll need to level up your research skills. Each category of research corresponds to a specific skill, such as Chemistry for Pharmacology or Spacesuit Design for Equipment. Invest skill points in these areas to access higher-level crafting options and expand your crafting expertise.

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