How to Level Up Fast in Starfield?

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Learn the basics of Starfield along with some tips and tricks to level up fast. Find all the tips and tricks you’ll need right here!

Starfield is a sci-fi adventure game from Bethesda. Here, you play as an explorer who has to traverse across planets and complete tasks. The major challenges will be against aliens and their forces. There are more than 1,000 planets in the solar system. Completing main story missions requires the best skills and weapons. You can unlock skills even at level 100 or more using skill points. You can beat Starfield after completing every main story mission.

There are side-quests, boss fights and ship combat. You can recruit companions to your crew to complete the most difficult challenges. Apart from weapons, you can use Space Suits and Swimsuits for combat. These will increase your resistance to all types of damages. As of now, there are over 20 main story quests. Completing these will be a mounting challenge for explorers. To reach new chapters, you have to collect XP points by completing missions.

Completing jobs, faction missions and boss battles is the best way to collect XP. There are some tips and tricks you have to know before embarking on your journey in the game. As a beginner in Starfield, you have to understand the basics along with some combat techniques to ensure you progress smoothly. So, find out some simple tips and tricks to level up fast in Starfield.

Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast in Starfield!

Earning Exp points is the only option to level up fast in Starfield. But, you can also discover other techniques that are essential in the game that serve as a key to success. Here are the best methods to level up,

Starfield Level Up
Planet in Starfield
  • Complete all side-quests. Side-quests are easier and only have limited objectives. You can acquire these side-quests from NPCs across planets. Side-quests are jobs that grant basic resources, credits and XP
  • Challenge yourself against elite monsters, bosses and hostile aliens that also have the best xp drop rates. This will automatically boost your performances and you will be able to enhance your skills as well
  • Explore planets and play main story missions. There are 19 main story challenges. Main story missions are complicated and you have to work with many factions. Also, there will be ship-based combat. By playing main story missions, you can rake in more credits and XP
  • Work with every faction. There’s no limit on the number of factions you are joining in Starfield. You can join and work for every faction and learn more about the game’s stories.
  • Start building Outposts and bases. Recruit companions and crew to your Outposts. Here, you can craft new equipment for Starfield missions and projects. By crafting resources in outposts, you will be able to collect XP.
  • You can land on planets at higher levels. The best ones are Abundant and Toliman which are another versions of the Fauna. Land here and start slaying wild life creatures, terrormorphs and fauna. Also, you can kill aliens, enemies and ships to farm 1000s of xp
  • Take enough rest. A long sleep in Starfield grants you bonus effects, buffs and your chances of farming XP will also automatically increase by taking a short or long nap
  • Simple travel and explore planets. You can wander in the galaxy and discover new things. Even finding a Point of Interest, Object or Landmark will get you xp.
  • You can flirt and romance companions. Once your bond goes well, you can marry companions and gain XP and other rewards
  • Engage in ship combat. Destroy tons of enemy’s ships to accumulate unlimited XP. Also, you can board their ships and reach the spaceport. Selling ships and its parts rewards you with both credits and exp bonus
  • You can drink Alien Tea, a food item. Drinking Alien Tea grants xp and hp. Boba Alien Tea is one of the best food items to drink 
  • Keep playing regularly and engage in combat. You can simply farm xp by exploring new planets and locations apart from playing quests and missions 

These are the best ways to level up in Starfield. Playing side quests and completing missions for factions are your primary tasks. Apart from these, you can use mods and cheats to scale up the ranking charts quickly. But it’s better recommended you are not involved in using mods as the developers may ban you permanently from playing Starfield.

The 19 main campaign missions in Starfield will take you to different planets where you meet hundreds of NPCs and aliens. Every creature in the flora and fauna possesses powerful skills and traits. Use your best weapons and skills to overcome these enemies.

You can play more than 100 levels and use your skill points to unlock new skills. There’s no limit on unlocking skills in Starfield. Also, you will unlock achievements and trophies after hitting new landmarks and milestones.

Starfield is a world-class space exploration action adventure game. Deploy these tips and tricks to level up fast in the game. Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X & S.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Recruit NPCs in Starfield?

Yes, you will meet Starfield NPCs right from the start. Once you complete some objectives or quests, you will be able to recruit them to your team. NPCs don’t stay for a long time as you can remove them from your crew once their job is done. NPCs offer different skills like stealth and scavenging.

How Many Factions are there in Starfield?

Starfield has 5 main Factions that are Ryujin Industries, Constellation, Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, and United Colonies. Apart from these five, you can join six more groups that are connected with every faction. You can join any faction and leave whenever you wish. Starfield also allows you to join multiple factions at once.

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