How to find the Best Weapons in Starfield


Want to use some of the best Starfield weapons? You are at the right place! We will tell you where to find them.

In the dangerous world of Starfield, where dangerous space raiders and fierce Terrormorphs are hiding around every corner, your life depends on one thing: your weapons. Starfield has a galaxy full of danger, and you’ll need the best tools to get through your journey through space.

Before you leave the safety of your trusty spaceship, you should make sure you have the best Starfield weapons. Your weapons must be ready for any task the galaxy can throw at you by having enough ammunition and tactical changes.

Here, we show you how to get some of the best weapons in the world. Also, we’ll tell you where to find rare and powerful guns that can really change the course of a fight. So we don’t give anything away, we’ll talk about great weapons you can get early on in your journey. Still, you should keep these best Starfield weapons in your collection because they are useful.

How to Find best Starfield weapons

Most of Starfield’s best weapons and items can be found by searching the world, defeating enemies, and looting settlements.

When you choose a landing zone on a world, the area around it becomes full of interesting places to check out. This procedural generation makes sure that no two players will have the same experience on the same world, since these semi-random points are spread out differently for each adventurer.

But no matter where you are in the universe, there are a lot of hostile bases full of enemies. Keep an eye out for their leaders, who are usually called Spacer Punks or Spacer Captains and are called “legendary enemies.” Legendary enemies are easy to tell apart from their regular counterparts because their health bars are different. If you’ve ever thought why some enemies are tougher than others, it’s because they’re legendary. These enemies have a much higher chance of dropping Epic (purple) or Legendary (gold) things, which have special bonuses on top of their normal stats and changes.

You can farm these valuable things by saving your game outside the area, fighting legendary enemies, and reloading if you don’t get the loot you want.

Best Starfield Weapons 

Marathon: Tired of being weighed down? Gagarin is home to Clint’s Collectibles. Gagarin, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, is where the ship lands. Here, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind Urban Eagle with the titanium build perk. This light weapon, which weighs less than half a kilogram, takes up little space in your collection but packs a powerful punch. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to move quickly and shoot well.

Sir Livingston’s Pistol: Your Dad will give you Sir Livingston’s Pistol if you chose the Kid Stuff trait when you made your character. This .45 handgun, which used to belong to an old Constellation director, is a piece of Starfield’s history. It’s a fun and powerful early-game tool, especially if you’ve invested in the Pistols Skill.

Peacekeeper: The Peacekeeper is a unique 11mm machine gun that you get when you finish the Groundpounder series of tasks in the Altair system. This powerful weapon has a lot of different parts and can do a lot of damage. Peacekeeper excels in battle throughout your galactic adventures because it can hold a lot of ammunition and fire quickly. This makes it the best choice for dealing with multiple human enemies.



How can I maximize the effectiveness of the Peacekeeper weapon in Starfield?

To make the most of the Peacekeeper, a unique 11mm machine gun, use its large ammo capacity and rapid-fire rate. This weapon excels in militaristic combat encounters throughout the galaxy. Whether you’re engaging in close-range or long-range combat, the Peacekeeper’s versatility and high damage output make it a formidable choice for dealing with multiple human adversaries.

What is the benefit of using best Starfield weapons like Marathon or Sir Livingston’s Pistol in Starfield?

Best Starfield weapons like Marathon and Sir Livingston’s Pistol offer distinct advantages. For example, Marathon’s titanium build perk makes it incredibly lightweight, allowing you to carry it without encumbrance. Sir Livingston’s Pistol, on the other hand, is a historical and potent early-game weapon, making it a valuable choice if you’ve invested in the pistols Skill.

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