Starfield New Game Plus Game Mode Explained – How to Play, Rewards and more!



Explore a whole new universe in Starfield by unlocking the new game plus mode. Scroll down to find more.

Starfield is a sci-fi adventure with lots of content. There are plenty of main story missions and side-quests that will take place on planets in the galaxy. With lots of features, the developers have added an exclusive in-game mode. Starfield New Game Plus is a new in-game mode that you can unlock after reaching the final stages of the game. New game+ in Starfield is a kind of time loop and you will explore a different universe, but all your progress, skills and character levels  are retained as well.

Though you can carry over your characters along with their skills, the new game plus mode doesn’t allow you to retain other things in Starfield. Your weapons, armor sets, credits, spacesuits, ships and outposts all will be lost. Also, any characters that you have romanced will be reset. You will only meet different versions of characters and NPCs that you romanced in the previous world of Starfield. Here’s more on Starfield’s new game plus mode and ways to play this.

Starfield New Game Plus Mode – Everything You Need to Know!

NG+ is new content in Starfield. Once you reach the final phase of the game, there will be a mission called Revelations. Once you complete this campaign mission, you have to either replay the main campaign story missions or skip them.

You will meet Sarah and discuss this. If you enter the New Game Plus Mode by skipping missions, you will enter the new universe and all main missions will be complete. 

Starfield New Game plus mode
NPC in Starfield

If you decide to reset them, then you will commence the New Game plus mode by resetting all previous missions. So, you have to play them again as well, but this time some main missions will only have limited objectives. You can complete all playthroughs again in a loop.

New plus mode in Starfield will be a different experience. It will be more challenging than the previous universe. You can continue to explore new universes once you reach the final chapters of the game. Also, some will carry over and some don’t. Here’s what you will be able to take with your characters to the new Starfield universes,

  • Character levels
  • Skills 
  • Traits 
  • Powers
  • Background
  • Appearance

You will also receive 10 exclusive spacesuits in Starfield New Game Plus Mode. Here is a list of new items,

  • Locus
  • Materia
  • Avitus
  • Tenebris
  • Gravitas
  • Tempus
  • Astra
  • Bellum
  • Solis
  • Venator

That’s everything you need to know about playing the New Game Plus Mode in Starfield. Take your game to the next level in all new universes and explore diverse content. 

Looting powerful resources can help you complete story quests on planets easily. Also, find out the best starting planets to kickstart your journey in Starfield.


Is Starfield New Game Plus Mode Free?

Yes, you have to complete the final main story mission to unlock the NG+ mode in Starfield.

How to Get Ships in Starfield?

Ships are required to travel to planets. Starfield has hundreds of ships that you can get in different ways. The best ways are to complete side-quests and purchasing them for credits from vendors and ship technicians. Every ship allows you to hold items and resources. Traveling to other planets becomes easier with these spaceships.

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