How to Beat Spacer Scum in Starfield?

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To defeat the Starfield Spacer Scum enemy, you have to get a strong melee weapon. Also, find the locations and counters to beat this boss.

Starfield’s main story missions task players with slaying different types of enemies in the star system. On every planet, you will meet hundreds of enemies. Spacers are criminals who operate where the Crimson Fleet faction works. Spacers work in different groups across every planet. It’s hard to find their locations as these criminals are skillful and have the best stealth skills.

Spacer Scum is one of the unnamed members of the Spacers organization. Spacer Scum gang excels in stealing and looting items from humans. To stop their progression, you have to find and slay them immediately. But it’s difficult to track every type of spacer enemies on planets. 

Spacer Scum uses powerful weapons like Legendary Bridger  and Fiscal Quarter. Spacer enemies are usually of level 30 and they drop XP as well. Beating Spacer Scum will help you progress in the main story. Here’s all about the Spacer Scum enemies and ways to defeat them in Starfield.

Best Tips to Beat Spacer Scum in Starfield

You can find Spacer Scum on planets where Crimson Fleet works. Also, you can find them in space stations, research outposts and abandoned star stations in Altair. Space Scum NPC runs faster and uses heavy weapons like Arc Welder. They also use melee and laser types.

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Enemy locations

You can counter them with a powerful melee weapon. Any heavy ballistic weapons along with grenades and launchers will be great. Also, long-range rifles can be used as this enemy usually stays longer from your zone.

To beat Spacer Scum, you have to wear the best shield and use your skills as well. Hide behind walls as these spacers can launch heavy attacks. Their only goal is to loot resources, so you have to endure their attacks without receiving much damage. The advantage is Spacer Scum does not have much hp, so you can launch your attacks from behind and stun them.

Change your positions frequently and follow the enemy. Use your stealth skills to deceive them and attack whenever they start to run. Once you launch an attack, take a step back and hide yourself. This will make it easy to defeat the Spacer Scum.

Spacer Scum enemies are criminals and they are skilful at overcoming battles. So, you have to deploy different strategies and win the challenge.   Shoot your attacks and change your positions. This is the best way to defeat the spacers.

Once the enemy loses hp, you can win the challenge. Also, you will be able to get some xp, digipicks and more rewards as drops.

That’s how you can defeat the Spacer Scum enemy in Starfield. Just like other enemies, you can defeat this NPC as well. But the difference is you have to change your strategies and outwit the opponent.

Spacers are notorious criminals and their primary goal is to destroy the Crimson Fleet faction. You can avert a colossal disaster by destroying the entire spacers in side-quests. Many mini-bosses work under spacers organization. Spacers operate in small numbers and they are independent groups. Spacers own plenty of ships in different areas.


Is it Necessary to Build Outposts in Starfield?

Yes, outposts are required and you can construct them on planets that have high resources. Starfield Outposts and bases can be used to store your resources and equipment. You can also keep weapons and recruit NPCs. You have to build crew stations before hiring crew members at outposts.

Can you Recruit NPCs in Starfield?

Yes, you will meet Starfield NPCs right from the start. Once you complete some objectives or quests, you will be able to recruit them to your team. NPCs don’t stay for a long time as you can remove them from your crew once their job is done. NPCs offer different skills like stealth and scavenging.

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