Best Starting Planets in Starfield!



Find out the best starting Planets in Starfield where you can construct outposts and farm all types of resources.

Starfield is a sci-fi exploration game. Here, every story takes place on planets. Your journey in the game revolves around planets in the star system. The planets of Starfield give access to players to build outposts, craft resources and complete missions. You can explore the entire galaxy with NPCs and companions. Every planet is owned by a set of factions and you can join together with factions to complete story missions.

Before starting missions, it’s essential to build an outpost in Starfield. Outposts can be built on every planet. But every planet has some resources and the temperature is different as well. So, you have to choose your starting planets wisely to get started with basic outposts. Any planet that offers good amount of resources can be considered to build outposts in Starfield. Here are the best starting planets to build outposts and bases in Starfield.

Starting Planets in Starfield!

Outposts are an integral part of the game. Here, you can take a long rest, craft weapons and equipment, recruit companions and mine resources. You can construct buildings and crew stations in outposts. Overall, outposts serve as a primary hub to your journey in the game.

As a beginner, you have to look for the best Starfield planets where the temperature is moderate and resources are in large numbers. Apart from resources, you have to look for planets with a good atmosphere as well. So, you can start building Outposts on these Starfield planets as a beginner in the game.


Starfield starting planets

The Fourth planet on the star system of Starfield. Mars is exclusive to many resources. Here you can farm resources in locations like abandoned mines, cydonia and cydia. You can farm resources like water, chlorine, iron and snow globe. Also, some POIs on Mars offer tons of credits. Mars is one of the best planets to loot and craft resources in the game. The atmosphere is good as well.


The home of the United Colonies faction, Jemison is one of the largest planets of the Alpha Centauri system. Here, there’s also a moon. Jemison is the go-to planet to build outposts and bases. It’s also the primary hub for trading. New Atlantis, the largest fictional city of Starfield, is located on Jemison. Jemison is home to many vendors and you can purchase and craft every resource here itself in the starting stages of the game.

 Here, you can find numerous resources like Chlorosilanes, Water, Argon, Chlorine and Lead. The existence of Flora and Fauna is bigger here. Jemison can be your best starting planet in the game and there are many top-tier ships as well. Getting other essential items like aid, food and shields is also easier here.


Zamka is a moon on Olivas, Alpha Centauri system. Here, you will be able to unlock two planet traits. The major locations are the mining outpost and Abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab. Zamka is home to many resources like Water, Cobalt, Copper, Helium-3, Nickel, Uranium and Water. The premium resources in Zamka make it one of the best spots to set up outposts.


Andraphon , the moon from Sumati in the Narion System. This is a barren type moon and the temperature is cold. Aluminium, Iron and Beryllium are primary resources here. Here, the atmosphere is poor, but resources are great. Considering the high farming rate of Aluminium and Iron, this can be your ideal starting planet in the game.


Kreet is a moon on Anselon, Narion system. Here, you can build outposts near the laboratory. Kreet offers a plethora of flora and fauna resources. Also, you can farm Water, Iron, Silver, Lead and Alkanes. If you want to scavenge flora and fauna resources, then this is the best starting planet for you. Also Kreet is the main planet for many side-quests and main story missions. So, consider Kreet as one of your starting planets.


Nesoi is a planet in the Olympus star system. This is a planet with abundant resources like flora, fauna, Uranium, Water, Iron, Carboxylic Acids and Benzene. The atmosphere here is very good and you can travel to nearby locations at ease. This planet doesn’t have any moon.


Callisto, the moon from Jupiter is another best location to build outposts. Here, you get water, iron and helium 3. The climate in Callisto is frozen. Callisto is also one of the best moon-based locations on Jupiter.

Maheo II

Maheo II is another great place to start your journey in the game. This planet is located in the Maheo star system. Here, you can farm Tetrafluorides, Alkanes, Copper, Lead, Iron, and water. The climate is moderate and other locations are easily accessible as well.

Leviathan IV

You can build multiple outposts here at Leviathan IV in the Leviathan system. The main resources are Fluorine, Copper, Aluminium and Chlorine.


Vectera is the second moon on Anselon planet in the Narion system. The atmosphere is not great, yet you can breathe easy and the freezing temperature makes it another best location to build outposts. Here, you can farm resources like water, benzene, nickel and aluminium.

These are the ten best planets to explore in the starting stages of Starfield. Also, as a beginner, you will find these very useful as there are plenty of resources to farm. You can explore other planets as well. The galaxy of Starfield is humongous and you have to meet every faction member and also complete their questlines as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Recruit NPCs in Starfield?

Yes, you will meet Starfield NPCs right from the start. Once you complete some objectives or quests, you will be able to recruit them to your team. NPCs don’t stay for a long time as you can remove them from your crew once their job is done. NPCs offer different skills like stealth and scavenging.

Is Starfield Available for PlayStation 5?

No, Starfield is not available for PlayStation 5. You can play on Xbox Series X|S and PC. There are no possibilities for Starfield on PlayStation 5 right now. We may have to wait and watch if Bethesda is launching it for PS 5 in the near future

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