Genshin Impact Dori Build – Best Weapons and Artifacts

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Looking for the best Dori build in Genshin Impact? Check out everything about her skills, artifacts, weapons, abilities, and team comps here.

Genshin Impact, the 3D action-adventure and fantasy game has tons of units. You play as a traveler and travel across various regions in Teyvat. There are plenty of quests and boss battles in the game. You can play as a team and dominate missions. Every unit belongs to an element and has different powers. Dori is a four-star Electro element character. You can obtain her through the game’s character event wishes or the character’s standard banner wishes as well.

Dori, the four-star Electro unit wields a powerful claymore. Dori is an excellent support unit and has the best elemental burst. She’s also an excellent healer. With the right weapons, artifacts, and team comps, you can form the best Dori Build in Genshin Impact. You have to beat the Electro Regisvine to level up Dori every time. Here are the best weapons, artifacts, skills, and more for the four-star character from Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Dori Build – All You Need to Know

You can maximize Dori’s stats with these weapons and artifacts. The best ones for Dori are here. Right from skills to weapons to artifacts, you can equip all these to unleash the best version of her,

Best Weapons for Genshin Impact Dori

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  • The Bell – One of the weapons that can avert all damage and attacks. You become invincible for first 15 seconds. This can be triggered every minute as well. This four-star greatsword also increases her ATK and HP
  • Forest Regalia – The best four-star weapon for Dori that can increase her attacks and energy recharge gets a massive boost. ATK will be +10% every time you use it.  This claymore can be upgraded and used for the best results
  • Favonius Greatsword – A heavy and powerful sword that can slash foes. Dori gets atk boost and she can regenerate elemental particles and unleash more energy during battles. Dori can attack faster and harder.
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa – This will increase atk and your elemental DMG gets a huge boost. You can also regenerate more energy after striking an attack on the targets. This can be used thrice on the trot and works well against close-range enemies.

Best Artifacts and Skills for Genshin Impact Dori 

Once you equip artifacts, Dori’s powers get doubled. The other skills and talent also form the best build for her. Check out everything that you should be using for her,

  • Tenacity of the Millelith – Use elemental skills and this will increase attack and hp of all your team members. You can trigger this artifact effect every second. This can be your best artifact for Dori considering her playing style and stats
  • Emblem of Severed Fate – A powerful set that increases your energy recharge which further multiples the elemental burst DMG skills. This set can increase the DMG stats for Dori to the maximum levels
  • Ocean-Hued – Dori gets a healing bonus. You can heal one unit from your party and then unleash a Sea-Dyed Foam that explodes all nearby units. Your hp gets increased by a small margin for a short time
  • Noblesse Oblige – Your elemental burst DMG gets a huge boost that can also be used to increase attacks of all party members. This effect can not be stacked. But every member in your troop gets bonus attacks and you can win battles easily as well
  • Marvelous Sword– Dance (Modified) – This talent skill performs 3 exceptional attacks. Normal attack can unleash 3 strikes on the trot. Charged attack reduces your stamina and lets you perform some powerful spin attacks and slash attacks. Plunging Attack lets Dori pummel the ground and unleash AoE damage on all nearby targets 
  • Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon – The Best elemental skill for Dori that powers a Spirit-Warding Lamp to unleash Troubleshooter Shot and deals huge Electro DMG. After the Troubleshooter Shot hits, it will alsocreate 2 After-Sales Service Rounds that will  track all nearby targets automatically and then deals Electro DMG again 
  • An Eye For Gold – The best passive skill for Dori and also her very first Ascension Passive. Once the unit is connected to the Jinni , this effect triggers an Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl or Crystallize reaction, the CD of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon is decreased by 1s. This effect can be also be triggered once per 3 seconds during combat

These are the best skills, artifacts, and weapons for the four-star Electro vision character, Dori, in Genshin Impact. With these skills, you can unleash her best build and Dori can be a fiery unit as well. Dori is a versatile unit and you can play her as a healer. The best team comps for Dori in Genshin Impact can include Rosaria, Traveler, Collei, Albedo, Eupa, Fischl Tighnari, and Kokomi. With these team combinations, you can get the best out of Dora.

That’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Dori weapons, artifacts, and skills in our guide. We will come back with more Genshin Impact updates and guides soon.

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