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Looking for games like Dave the Diver? Our listicle includes some mind-blowing farming, exploration, and crafting games with unique features and content just like Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver is a fishing sim game from Mintrocket. A unique farming and exploration game where you take on the role of Dave, a Fisher and Restaurant Owner from Blue Hole. All you have to do is explore and fish across all depths and underground locations. You have to get to various spots and catch a fish. Every location has underwater spots and you can catch more than 200 sea creatures currently. You can fish and farm during the day and use them for recipes at night. Every fish drops random resources and materials that you can craft for recipes and weapons as well.

Dave runs a luxurious restaurant called Banco Sushi. His job shifts focus towards it once the world turns dusk. You can serve a variety of dishes and green tea. You can hire staff for your restaurant based on their skills and traits. All it costs is some gold coins from the hard-earned profits of Sushi restaurant. Overall, Dave the Diver is an excellent simulation game where you can complete quests, small challenges, and tasks for your restaurants as well. Here are other similar games like Dave the Diver that you can play right now.

Our other best listicles include a curated list of games like Honkai Star Rail, Jackbox Party Pack, Monkey Mart, Warhammer, and Plants vs Zombies. You can try out on these games as well before playing the other games.

Games Like Dave the Diver in 2023!

Dave the Diver is the best fishing exploration currently. Also, check out more similar games like Dave the Diver here,

Capybara Spa

Capybara Spa is a point and click simulation adventure from the team of Cozy Bee Games. A casual adventure game where you run a Spa. Lots of animals like ducks, turtles, frogs, and otters. You also have to take care of Capybara by feeding food and vegetables.  You also need to pamper Capybara and place it along with other animals from the mountains. Grow fruits, buy soaps, plant crops, and furnish your garden as well. 

You can feed lemons, oranges, blueberries, and strawberries to your capybara. You can also greet your visitors with fruits, snacks, flower beds, and soaps. Overall, Capybara Spa is a cool and fun simulation game where all colorful animals make a memorable journey and you will explore a different magical adventure and the experience will be great as well.

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Greedfall is an open world fantasy RPG from Spiders and Focus Entertainment.  Explore the vast world and meet new characters. Demolish creatures that trouble you and meet companions from various factions for missions. The world is full of mystery and magic. Find out all ancient secrets and complete all stories in the game.

 The remote island has so many hidden stories and you have to discover them to find a way to progress. Greedfall is all about unlocking magical stories in the mysterious world and completing battles. Every chapter is intriguing and you have to find the right endings as well.


Pinstripe is a casual puzzle platformer from the team of Atmos Games. The story is all about an ex-minister who has to find out his kidnapped daughter where he also has to defeat dark demons. The depths of hell are frozen and filled with traps and monsters. You play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister and find out Bo and revenge the kidnapper as well. 

There are 6 different levels in the world of Hell. Every challenge is intriguing in Pinstripe and you have to overcome traps and other obstacles in your journey. Find out all mysterious stories of Teddy and his daughter, reunite them, and complete the game as well.

Sun Haven

Sun Haven is farming simulation from Pixel Sprout Studios. You play as a local town here. You have to take care of your farm and cultivate it with more crops and other resources. Complete quests and defeat dragons and magical monsters. The world of Sun Haven is dark and mysterious. You have to raise funds for upgrading your farm. Complete tasks and earn all farming tools.

With very limited money, you can procure essential crops. Play with 8 friends in the game’s multiplayer mode as well. Raise your animals and feed them with food to progress faster in the game. Sun Haven is a beautiful farming adventure game where you can customize and decorate your farm with all available items and decorations.

Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate are all three primary locations on the map. These are the major spots where you play quests and hunt down creatures. Use magical skills along with weapons like Swords and Crossbows. Explore floors and mines to get gems and farming resources.


Dinkum is a life simulation game from the team of James Bendon. Play as a kid and live a Dinkum life. You can explore tropical forests, deserts, abandoned locations, buildings, eucalyptus forests, and more. Explore the wildlife with australian-based inhabitants. Forage, Hunt, Mine, Fish, and Explore all open world spots.

Take your business to top levels and help neighbours upgrade their homes and other locations. You have to satisfy townsfolk and this will result in more visitors to your town. Manage your health and stress levels. Don’t expose yourselves in the hot temperature and you can relax at the Billabong. Play with your friends and explore every chapter of Dinkum and expand your business as well.

Peaceful Days

Peaceful Days is a simulation game from the team of Nhat Nguyen. A farming RPG where you can play as a local lad. Farm animals, complete quests, interact with local NPCs,  participate in festivals, and enjoy your life. You can find more secrets about your town by solving puzzles, discovering secret quests, and playing mini games.

 Earn crops and other essential rewards for your farm. Festival events and Heart events are the best features of this game. You can unlock more animals by taking part in quests of all Peaceful Days events. Overall, Peaceful Days is an excellent experience and one of the best farm exploration and adventure games just like Dave the Diver.


Spiritfarer is a simulation adventure from the developers of Thunder Lotus Games. Play as Stella,  the new Spiritfarer who has to change the fortunes of the town. You can travel to all locations using a Boat. Sail across seas and catch a variety of fish

. Collect ingredients and prepare recipes. You can mine, craft, fish, harvest, and cook everywhere. You can also play in the game’s co-op mode along with Daffodil, the Cat. Build more relationships with all local characters and cute colorful creatures. Complete battles and overcome foes. Change the fortunes of the town and unleash your magical skills to deceive witches and other creatures.

Roots Of Pacha

Roots of Pacha from Soda Den is a farming sim adventure game. Here, you play as a noob. Farm fruits, crops, vegetables, and herbs. Upgrade your farming and complete some objectives to earn rewards. The story takes place in the early days of civilization. Roots of Pacha also has a co-op mode. You can find animals in the wild and domesticate them as well.

Befriend all animals and take care of them. Explore the primitive world and cultivate your farms. Take part in festivals and find your love as well. Roots of Pacha has many features and content to explore. Overall, this is an amazing colorful simulation game right now.


Catizens is a colorful colony simulation game from the team of HeroCraft PC and badopticsgames. There are plenty of cute cats with unique traits and personalities. Explore the lands and complete tasks to build shelter and better settlements for all cats. You can also offer these catizens unique roles like blacksmith, chef, farming and more. Complete all objectives and develop your settlements.

Do fishing and unlock hidden treasure chests. You can also collect quests from various quirks. Acquire the most challenging quests from these quirks that grant more rewards as well. Catizens is a fun and colorful simulation game to play if you like Dave the Diver.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley from the developers of ConcernedApe is a farming exploration game. Play as a villager who is ambitious about everything in the village. Build homes and farms. You can also hire a farmer and upgrade your farms. Collect quests and gather all materials to build a house. Take part in all seasonal festivals and villager quests. Settle down with your family in the village itself after getting married.  

Explore caves, terrains and dungeons to defeat monstrous enemies. Unlock hidden treasure chests and collect more rewards. Upgrade your farms and acquire more resources for your fields. Craft recipes by collecting ingredients and cook the best recipes to increase your stats. Cooking recipes also grant various bonus effects in Stardew Valley.

These are the top 10 games to play if you are a fan of Dave the Diver. Dave the Diver is only available for PC currently. Play as Dave, the chef and complete quests and run your Bancho Sushi restaurant. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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