Top 10 Games like Plants vs Zombies



Play these 10 games if you are a great fan of Plants vs Zombies. These 10 games are sure to give you the best experience.

Plants vs Zombies is a highly rated gaming series. The game’s concept is simple, you need to use your plants to wipe out the zombies in your village. Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense, fun, and strategy game from PopCap Games, Inc. and Electronic Arts that’s been ruling the gaming charts for more than 13 years. Plants vs Zombies has five different in-game modes and 26 zombies. You need to defeat these zombies to save your world. A classic strategy game that never gets us bored is still one of the best games to play in 2023 right now.

Plants vs Zombies has been ruling the gamers’ hearts over the years and the game’s legacy continues with every new series. Such is the impact of this action adventure game. There are many games like Plants vs Zombies and you will get the same experience as you had gotten in Plants vs Zombies. To those who are looking for similar games like Plants vs Zombies, check our guide to know the best games like Plants vs Zombies in 2023.

Games like Plants vs Zombies  

Here are the top 10 games like Plants vs Zombies to play right now. You will love these games as you loved Plants vs Zombies over the years.

Monster Mash

Games like Plants vs Zombies
Misty Woods in Monster Mash

Monster Mash is a casual and arcade adventure from Sandlot Games. Explore the fairytale magical world and meet the people of the curly valley and help them survive against the evil monsters. Fight against the monsters to build and upgrade towers, get new weapons, and expel these enemies out of the curl valley locations. The villagers are behind you in this new adventure against the monsters, complete the strategic battles and defeat the quirky and bizarre monsters who intrude on your place. Get weapons and power-ups to complete every challenge faster. Monster Mash is a perfect replacement for Plants vs Zombies and you will never get bored of the same.


Peggle is one of the best arcade games with lots of puzzle-based challenges. PopCap Games, Inc. and Electronic Arts have given an incredible adventure and classic game where you need to use your gun to shoot the orange pegs. 10 whimsical teachers will be assisting you throughout your missions and unlock new levels to acquire mystical magical powers and rewards. You can also challenge your friends in the game’s duel mode. The best shots and targets will keep you going. Overall, the Peggle is a classic and fun arcade game that will never fail to entertain you.

The Creeps

The Creeps is a strategy adventure game from the Super Squawk Software LLC team. Little Johnny is in a complicated situation and you need to rescue him in the Creeps against his enemies. Ghosts, Aliens, Dark Enemies, and Demons will trouble johnny, you are the only savior who can safeguard Johnny from these wicked monsters. You also need to complete the challenges and get rewards and resources like badges, boomerangs, blasters, flashlights, and more to defeat the Creeps. Johnny’s peaceful sleep is in your hands. Overall, the Creeps is an amazing tower defense and strategy game that has won widespread acclaim and rave reviews over the years.

Magic Siege

Magic Siege from AKPublish Pty Ltd is a tower defense and dark fantasy RPG. It has an arcade and strategy gameplay mechanics and elements. You play the role of a castle defender and travel throughout the dark world to complete challenges. You will come across different sets of enemies and bosses in different locations on the map.

 The story takes place in the medieval war period and you have to defeat the hordes of enemies to build and develop your castle. Become a powerful Mage and upgrade your territory by choosing heroes from various factions and classes with different abilities, skills, and weapons. Overall, Magic Siege is a tactical RPG that takes place in a fictional fantasy world full of magician battles.

Orcs Must Die! 3 

Orcs Must Die 3 is one of the best games from the Orcs Must Die gaming franchise. Orcs Must Die 3 from the team of Robot Entertainment is a tower defense and action adventure game. A 3D strategy game where you play the role of an apprentice war mage. Use weapons, abilities, and traps to fight against other orc armies and enemies to defend and save your rifts and place. Three different gaming modes have been added, Story Mode, Endless Mode, and Weekly Challenges Mode. You can also compete against 1000 arcs at a time in the game’s new War Scenarios Mode. Play solo or in the co-op multiplayer mode to defeat the orcs of armies.

Orcs Must Die 3 begins 20 years after its predecessor OMD 2. Get your weapons and wars to fight against the orcs in this massive award-winning strategy action game. Orcs Must Die 3 has the best features, soundtrack, visuals, and gameplay. Overall, Orcs Must Die 3 is another best to play if you loved Plants vs Zombies.

Garden Rescue

A casual adventure game from the team of Big Fish Games where you need to protect your garden and plants. An evil force is about to destroy your garden and you need to save and rescue it using powers. Insects will invade your garden and you must marshall your troops and green defenders to save your garden from these notorious insects. Grow more plants and earn more coins. You can also upgrade and expand your garden space which helps you to grow more plants. Grow more strawberries and sell them for cash. Insects like bees, ants, and beetles are your primary enemies in this fun and entertaining game. Get more crops and harvest them to grow more plants in your garden.

Tiny Defense

Tiny Defense is an arcade and action adventure from Dmitriy o_Het. You will play the role of knights and goblins are your enemies. Fight against the goblins with superpowers and weapons. Build your troops and protect your Island. Get enough resources and weapons to defeat the goblins. Complete daily challenges in Tiny Defense to unlock new resources and weapons for your knights that will also help you to overcome the powerful Goblins. Goblins vs Knights is what all about this game’s concept. Overall, Tiny Defense is a strategy arcade game that you can play on Android and iOS.

Trolls vs Vikings 

Troll vs Vikings from the team of Megapop Games is a fun strategy game where you need to travel across the fantasy world to complete battle. Trolls, Vikings, and Nordic Gods are up against each other. A fun strategy game where you can pick your characters and take part in epic battles against Vikings. You can upgrade your trolls and other characters to improvise their abilities. Even a sequel to Trolls vs Vikings is available right now. Trolls vs Vikings 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor and a new set of characters can be found in the second part. Defeat Vikings and unlock new challenges, rewards, characters, and locations. Overall, Trolls vs Vikings is all about trolls, fun, and action.

Cards and Castles

A free-to-play card battler game from the team of Red Team Games. A tactical collectible card game where you need to collect cards, build different decks, and battle against players. You need to showcase your skills on a tactical game board. You have many heroes to choose from, Vikings, Warlocks, Crusaders, Ninjas, and Pirates. Your cards transform as animated characters and this is one of the best features of Cards and Castles. Choose your cards from different sets of factions and unleash a powerful deck to trump your opponents. You can take part in tournaments to maximize your rewards and card collection. You just need to use the right cards and place them on boards to make the best decks. Overall, Cards and Castles is a tactical CCG where you play strategic battles and this is also a cross platform game.

Bloons TD 6 

Bloons TD 6, the sixth installment from the popular Bloons Tower Defense series from the Ninja Kiwi team is a tower defense and arcade game. This game is played from a 2.5D perspective which is different from the regular 2D perspective. You can play solo or team up with 3 friends in co-op mode. You need to craft the best defense from the available monkey towers and abilities. Battle against boss Bloons. You can pick your heroes with new skins and skills. Complete every battle to get new trophies and other rewards. Overall, Bloods TD 6 is an amazing tower defense strategy game to play on mobile and PC.

These are the 10 best games like Plants vs Zombies to play. Play these games if you have not yet. We will come back with more updates and guides soon.

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