Dead Space Impossible Mode Guide and Rewards



Here’s our guide on Dead Space Impossible Mode with some tips and tricks to complete the challenges at this new difficulty level.

Dead Space Remake was released recently and almost every feature and content was retained in the latest release. Be it in-game modes, locations, characters, and weapons, everything has been retained in Dead Space Remake from its original version. Dead Space (2008) only had 3 difficulty modes, but the remake version has included 5 different difficulty levels. You can play in Story, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impossible modes in the new Dead Space Remake version of the game. You also need to complete the stories, challenges, and missions in the game’s Hard mode difficulty level to unlock impossible mode.

Impossible mode
Impossible mode

The impossible mode in Remake is an enhanced version. This time, the developers have come up with Permadeath Impossible Mode, and you can’t respawn or reappear after getting killed once. The difficulty level for impossible mode is quite lesser but the only disadvantage is you can’t re-enter the battle once again. Once you are killed, you can continue playing in Hard mode or begin Dead Space Remake from the beginning. You will also be able to receive the untouchable trophy/achievement, and more for completing the impossible mode challenges. To those who find it difficult, here’s our Dead Space Remake impossible difficulty level guide and tips along with all the rewards for this new exclusive level in the game.

Dead Space Remake Guide – Impossible Mode Best Tips and Tricks

  • Surviving the Permadeath Impossible mode in Dead Space is an uphill task. Here are the tips, tricks, and strategies for the impossible mode in Dead Space.
  • Do remember that autosave for the new impossible mode is disabled as soon as you enter the battle, so always make sure to use the best weapons and shield for this mode of Dead Space Remake
  • Kinesis Module is the best weapon for impossible difficulty in Dead Space Remake. With so much ammo equipped, this chapter 2 weapon can be your trump card for surviving the impossible difficulty level without much trouble
  • Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Contact Beam, Force Gun, and Flamethrower are the best weapons for impossible mode
  • The Prototype Stasis module is another effective weapon that you can procure from the tram station in the game’s very first chapter
  • Health Packs and Large Med Packs are essential resources and make sure to have more of them
  • You also need to conserve more Health, Ammunition, and Ammo. All these will help you to survive without getting much damage and wasting them on unwanted things will only put you in trouble in the impossible mode
  • Don’t begin the impossible mode with Military suit RIG as your game might be bugged or glitched
  • Make sure to save files before killing the Hive Mind variants and don’t save your progress after defeating the Hive Mind. You must skip the credits and continue playing in the game’s impossible mode.
  • DLC Suits, best weapons, and using bench and power nodes instead of healing and reloading are the other best strategies to play the impossible mode in Dead Space Remake.
  •  Additionally, you can also save your recent progress by saving it every time from a save point, and whenever you are about to be killed, you can continue from the last saved progress by just going back to the main menu and restarting it

All these are the best tips and tricks to play and survive the Permadeath Impossible difficulty level mode in Dead Space Remake


Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode Rewards

There are also a couple of rewards for completing all the challenges in the impossible mode,

  • Hand Cannon (Red Foam Finger)
  • Burnished Suit
  • Untouchable Trophy for PlayStation
  • Untouchable Achievement for XBOX 

That’s everything you need to know about the new and exclusive Dead Space Remake’s impossible mode guide and tips with all the rewards. Follow our tricks and strategies to complete the challenges in Dead Space Remake’s impossible difficulty level and also without getting killed.

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