Genshin Impact Electro Regisvine Guide – Attack Pattern, Best Teams, and more

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Wondering how to defeat the Electro Regisvine boss and which Genshin Impact characters you should use? Here is a guide to help you out!

There are numerous bosses to be found throughout the world of Genshin Impact. The latest Electro Boss in the game is the Electro Regisvine, who drops level-up items for Dori and Cyno, particularly the Thunderclap Fruitcore. Depending on the team you bring in to face it, farming the flower can be a quick or slow process. In this guide, we will provide you with tips on how to defeat Electro Regisvine in Genshin Impact.

Electro Regisvine Genshin Impact
Electro Regisvine
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How to unlock the Electro Regisvine

To unlock and take on the giant Whopperflower, go to Mawtiyima Forest in Sumeru’s northern region. In Sumeru, the Electro boss is located in a cave to the east of Mawtiyima Forest. After finding the Statue of the Seven, players must continue down the marked path until they come across several Electro slimes and an Electro Abyss Mage blocking a cave entrance. You have to enter the cave and keep walking the path to find the Electro Regisvine and teleport through the Waypoint. You will find a giant plant that rains electric charges rapidly at you in any direction stored within the Ley Lines. This is how Electro Regisvine looks like when you encounter this boss after you pass through the cave.

Electro Regisvine Location
Electro Regisvine Location

Now, that you are face to face with Electro Regisvine, you should know what it’s really capable of and what kind of attack patterns it uses. let’s have a look at its attack patterns.

Attack Patterns of Electro Regisvine

Electro Regisvine Boss Fight
Electro Regisvine Boss Fight


When the Electro Regisvine hit the ground, it delivers 100% ATK as AoE Electro DMG and sends up three shockwave trails, each of which dealt 50% ATK as AoE Electro DMG. Simply dodging these waves sideways will allow players to avoid the attack.

Half Frail

The Electro Regisvine can push players away if they get too close by slamming its head on the ground and swinging 180 degrees around its roots, delivering 75% ATK as AoE Electro DMG.


The Electro Regisvine will knock players away with a blow to the ground and a swing that revolves completely around its roots while hitting 75% ATK as AoE Electro DMG. This attack is unleashed only when the Electro Regisvine has fully recovered from being stunned.

Electro Regisvine Ranged Attack
Electro Regisvine Ranged Attack

Laser Sweep

it fires a large laser beam forward that quickly deals 25% ATK as Electro DMG to players caught in it after sweeping the immediate ground twice with a laser beam launched from its head, dealing 75% ATK as Electro DMG each time.

Rapid Fire

Raises its buds and fires bolts toward the player each having 40% ATK when Electro DMG comes in contact with the player. When the Regisvine’s shield is at its roots, only then is this strike effective.

Thunderbolt Rain

Rapidly summons thunderbolts that each deal 40% ATK as AoE Electro DMG and mark a region before striking. Only when the Regisvine’s shield is at its roots may this strike be used.

Electro Regisvine Laser Attack

Genshin Team Build to Beat Electro Regisvine

It can be beneficial to bring a ranged Cryo, Pyro, or Dendro character because it will be much simpler to destroy the Core when it reveals it in the corolla. Bringing a character with a shield to the party is advised if players are having trouble dodging the strikes. The Electro Regisvine can be defeated without the use of a specific type of character in the team. It is possible to beat the Electro Regisvine with any element, however, it is better to stay away from bringing electro characters due to the Regisvine’s high electro resistance (70% when it’s stunned). Here is a list of the best characters that you can line up in your party to defeat Electro Regisvine in Genshin Impact.

TighnariDendro Ranged Attacker
XianglingPyro DPS
SucroseAnemo Support
BennettPyro Support
GanyuCryo Ranged DPS
 ZhongliGeo Shield Character

These are the best characters you should have on your team. However, you can always explore other characters and try different combinations to figure out which is the best one for you. That is everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Electro Regisvine. Hope this guide helps you defeat Electro Regisvine

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