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Starfield factions

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You have the flexibility to join more than one Starfield factions at a time. Your choice of alliances can significantly impact the game’s narrative and challenges you’ll face.

In Starfield, it can be hard to figure out which faction to join. You no longer have to choose between Stormcloaks and Imperials. Instead, you have to join one of the five major groups, each of which has its own ideas and goals. Don’t worry, because we’ll give you a full rundown of all the groups in Starfield, what they stand for, and how to join them.


All Starfield Factions

Before getting into the specifics of each Starfield faction, let’s first introduce you to the five major Starfield factions you can join in Starfield:

  • Constellation
  • Crimson Fleet
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • United Colonies

While these are the primary factions available for joining, there are also minor Starfield factions that influence your journey in the Settled Systems.


The main plot of Starfield is about Constellation, which is led by the mysterious Sarah Morgan. As you play the game, you’ll see that you have no choice but to join Constellation. This group is made up of experts and explorers who all want to figure out the secrets of the universe. Once a huge organization like NASA, Constellation now runs in the shadows from The Lodge, its offices in New Atlantis. During the first main mission in Starfield, you will immediately become a member of Constellation.

Crimson Fleet 

The Crimson Fleet may not be an official organization, but it functions as a menacing armada of pirate ships in Starfield. Their primary agenda involves pillaging, looting, and expanding their power across lawless regions within the Settled Systems. Although often considered antagonists, you have the option to join them for an evil playthrough or infiltrate their ranks as a double agent. You become a lifelong member of the Crimson Fleet either by joining the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis or by landing in UC-controlled jail and being offered a role as a spy against the Crimson Fleet.

Freestar Collective 

Freestar Collective stands in stark contrast to the United Colonies with their law-bending, individualistic approach. They control three star systems – Cheyenne, Narion, and Volii – and are known for prioritizing the spirit rather than the letter of the law. Based in Akila City, the capital of Akila in the Cheyenne star system, they are staunch enemies of the Crimson Fleet. You can join the Freestar Collective by assisting the marshal outside the Galbank building in Akila City and completing the designated mission.

Ryujin Industries 

Ryujin Industries is a big, powerful company like the ones in Cyberpunk 2077. Their main goal is to get more power and influence by hurting other companies. When you join Ryujin Industries, you have to do corporate espionage tasks, which can earn you money and power. Even though they don’t have a central office, most of what they do happens in Neon, the floating city of fun on Volii Alpha. You can start your journey with Ryujin Industries by doing the side quest “Back to the Grind” and talking to Lane in Neon City.

United Colonies 

The United Colonies (UC) stands as the largest and most potent faction, emphasizing law and discipline above all else. With New Atlantis as their capital, they are governed by the Military, Administrative, and Scientific Triumvirate (MAST). Historically, the UC has been in conflict with the Freestar Collective, but today, they work together to combat the Crimson Fleet. Joining the UC involves infiltrating the Crimson Fleet’s ranks to aid UC’s military efforts. To join, you can either speak to the Vanguard representative in New Atlantis’s MAST building or allow yourself to be arrested on a UC-controlled planet.

Minor Starfield Factions

While the major Starfield factions offer opportunities for affiliation, several minor factions exist within the Settled Systems. Although you can’t formally join them, your interactions with these factions may influence your journey based on your Starfield background and previous choices:

Xenofresh Corporation

Xenofresh Corporation built Neon, the pleasure city on Volii Alpha, known for its unique fish with psychotropic properties. Xenofresh quickly turned this discovery into the illicit party drug known as Aurora. While you can’t join Xenofresh, your actions may affect your standing with this corporation.

Ecliptic Mercenaries 

Eclipse, also known as the Ecliptic Mercenaries, is a group of hired guns and reward hunters. They don’t have much power in politics or the military, but you can meet them in different settings and star systems as you play.

The Enlightened 

The Enlightened, despite being a dominant atheistic organization, play a significant role in the Settled Systems’ religious landscape. They emphasize science and the pursuit of knowledge and often find themselves at odds with the mystical Sanctum Universum.

House Of Va’ruun 

The House Of Va’ruun is a cult-like religious organization that worships a celestial entity known as “The Great Serpent.” While generally considered hostile, aligning with this Starfield faction through the Serpent’s Embrace trait is possible.

Sanctum Universum 

In Starfield, the Sanctum Universum is another faith group that competes with the Enlightened. They are based in New Atlantis, along with Constellation and the United Colonies. They think that a god is guiding humanity’s progress.


Spacers are criminals who operate independently and are notorious for attacking on sight. They pose a constant threat to travelers and explorers in the Settled Systems.

The Red Mile

The Red Mile is not a typical Starfield faction, but they offer something different on Porrima III. It’s a bar where people can take part in challenging “death races” and try to get rewards and respect by getting past dangerous obstacles.


In Starfield, your choice of group will have a big effect on how you play the game. Each faction has its own storyline and set of obstacles, which makes the journey through the cosmos interesting and varied. Starfield has a faction for everyone, whether you want to explore the universe, become a space outlaw, do corporate espionage, support law and order, or just have fun. Make a smart choice, and may the stars show you the way.


What are the major differences between the United Colonies and Freestar Collective in Starfield?

The United Colonies (UC) prioritize law and discipline and have a strong military presence. The Freestar Collective, on the other hand, leans toward individualism and freedom, making its own rules within the star systems it controls.

How can I influence my standing with minor Starfield factions like Xenofresh Corporation or The Enlightened in Starfield?

Your interactions and decisions throughout the game can influence your standing with minor factions, even though you can’t formally join them. Completing specific missions or making choices aligned with their interests can impact your reputation with these groups.

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