How to escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

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Struggling to escape from Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite? Well, find out some useful tips and tricks that ensure you escape the landmark and complete the questline.

Fortnite’s new update brings in a plethora of weekly and daily quests. The latest Slones Snapshot questline is out and here players have to escape maze doors in Lonely Labyrinth and also find the Kinetic item as well. Lonely Labyrinth is a new landmark added in Fortnite Wilds. Lonely Labyrinth is located in Asteria Island and is a challenging location as well. 

The new Kinetic Ore object in Lonely Labyrinth can be effective and can be used to inflict severe damage and it also reduces movement speed and gravity effects to those who stand inside its circle. Entering Lonely Labyrinth is easy, but the real task is to escape with the Kinetic Ore and you have to tackle some monsters as well. 

Equip some long-range weapons to deal with mobs that spawn inside.  Just like other Fortnite locations, the Lonely Labyrinth can be found on map. Here’s more about the Fortnite Lonely Labyrinth quest and ways to find the Kinetic Ore Schematic item.

Fortnite Lonely Labyrinth – Tips to Escape and Find Kinetic Ore Schematic!

Fortnite Lonely Labyrinth

Land in Lonely Labyrinth and get to the entrance door. Also, beware of enemies and use items to defeat them. The Kinetic Ore Schematic object is located inside one room. The entire location will be full of mazes and traps. You have to go towards the path that also includes Black-colored arrows. Don’t get trapped inside and make sure to find the right rooms.

Also, Stringray enemy spawns inside and he will start shooting as soon as you enter inside. You can get inside through the gate where the giant Frigid Frog statue spawns. Get inside the main room and get the Kinetic Ore. Now, the real test begins as you have to find the exit door as well. The exit door is also inside the main room, however you have to overcome traps and maze. You can find the Exit door with a sign or an icon on it. Safely get outside and complete the quest as well.

That’s how you can enter Lonely Labyrinth and collect the schematic item. The complicated part is all about exiting the location itself. You can also use marking points, but they disappear quickly and this might not work everywhere. Find the right exit door and complete the challenge.

Just like the Kinetic Boomerang, the Kinetic Ore Schematic also works wonders and you can keep it in your inventory.

That’s everything you need to know about escaping from the giant Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite. You can complete other Slone’s Snapshots questlines and earn free skins and XP.


What’s Fortnite Lonely Labyrinth?

Lonely Labyrinth is a new landmark added in Fortnite Wilds

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There are no proper updates on Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. Hence, we have to wait a while to find out the season’s name and more regarding the game’s content and new upcoming features as well.

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