How to Complete Placeholder Quest in Fortnite

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There’s a lot of things you need to know about the Fortnite Placeholder quest apart from just completing it. Here’s everything you need to know.

Inside the world of Fortnite, a new adventure called the “Placeholder” quest has appeared. If you’re excited about solving the secrets of this puzzling quest and coming out victorious, don’t worry. This guide is here to help you understand how to successfully complete the Fortnite Placeholder Quest. Let’s get started!

What is Fortnite Placeholder Quest

In the land of Fortnite, there’s a mysterious quest known as “Placeholder.” This quest is different from the usual quests like control panel, destroy stones, transformers, star wars, and more. This is because it’s part of a special series of quests for the character Doctor Slone. In the past, other characters like Aura and Triggerfish also had their own special quests. Now, it’s Doctor Slone’s turn to face challenges. 

These quests are all about the exciting story and changes that happened in Chapter 4 of Season 3. But there’s a small problem: only the beginning of this quest was released, and the rest is missing. It’s like there’s a secret code in the game that needs to be solved!

The Issue with the Fortnite Placeholder Quest

The latest part of the Fortnite story has a problem called the “Placeholder” quest issue. But don’t worry; Epic Games know about this problem. They’ve said on their social media that the “Placeholder” quest was a mistake, and they’re working hard to fix it. Right now, players can’t really do much to solve this problem. Instead, we have to wait patiently for the game developers to fix it with an update. 

How to Complete the “Placeholder” Quest 

Surprisingly, even with the “Placeholder” problem, there’s a good thing that players have found. If you want to finish the first part of the quest and get a big reward of 30,000 XP points, there’s a trick you can use! It’s actually quite easy: just use a special move called an emote while playing the game. This will help you complete the first part of the quest. But here’s the catch: the other parts of the quest have the same problem as the first part, so you can’t continue after that. You have to wait until the game creators fix it with an update.


The Fortnite Placeholder Quest is about waiting and being strong. As Doctor Slone’s quests unfold in Chapter 4, Season 3, there are exciting challenges and new stories waiting for players. Even though the quest might look strange right now, Epic Games is working to make it better. So, while we’re waiting, keep that special move ready. You might earn a lot of points and become a true Fortnite champion.


What is the Placeholder Quest in Fortnite?

The Placeholder Quest in Fortnite is a new quest that is currently bugged. It is intended to be a new series of Snapshot Quests for Doctor Slone, but it is currently only the first stage of the quest that is available in the game files. As such, the quest remains with simply placeholder text.

Is the Placeholder Quest going to be fixed?

Epic Games has acknowledged the issue with the Placeholder Quest and is looking to fix it. However, there is no ETA for when the fix will be released.

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