Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest – Summer Escape Event

Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest

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The Summer Escape event brings a multitude of exciting quests, including the Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest. With your trusty pickaxe, seek stones in various locations.

With the Fortnite Summer Escape event underway, players can access various exciting quests that offer exclusive rewards. One particular quest requires players to destroy 10 stones in Fortnite. This challenge can be completed quickly, taking only a few minutes, provided you know where to find these stones.

In this guide, we will explain how to quickly complete Fortnite destroy stones quest and claim the Artifact Axe as a well-deserved reward.

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How to Easily Complete Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest

To complete Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest, you can rely on your trusty pickaxe as the most effective tool. Equipping your pickaxe is as simple as locating the tool icon displayed below your inventory at the bottom right corner of the screen and selecting it. Once you have your pickaxe in hand, it’s time to swing away at the stones. With each strike, the stones will gradually break apart. Keep at it until you have shattered ten stones in total. By doing so, you will accomplish the Summer Escape Quest in Fortnite.

Using your pickaxe to destroy stones is not only efficient but also straightforward. Just position yourself close to the stones and aim your swings accurately. The power of your pickaxe will do the rest. Remember, repetition is key here. Strike the stones repeatedly until they crumble into pieces. The satisfying sound of breaking stones will indicate your progress.

If you have difficulty locating stones in Fortnite, head to the beach south of Kenjutsu Crossing. This beach is abundant with boulders that can be destroyed, contributing to the progress of your current mission. Many other beaches scattered across the map also offer various rocks, boulders, and stone-like objects for you to destroy. Remember that stones can also be found randomly in forests or other biomes as you explore Fortnite. Stay vigilant and watch for rounded objects protruding from the ground. You should be able to complete this objective within a few minutes.

While the pickaxe is the recommended tool for destroying stones in Fortnite, you can also use other weapons like grenades to blast them into pieces. However, reserving such weapons for combat is advisable, as using them to complete Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest may waste ammunition and potentially attract unwanted attention from nearby players.

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Reward for Destroying Stones in Fortnite

The Fortnite Summer Escape event allows you to obtain the Artifact Axe by destroying 10 stones. This special reward is not just any ordinary item for your pickaxe – it’s cosmetic skin that transforms its appearance into something sleek and stylish. By completing the quest and acquiring the Artifact Axe, you can give your standard pickaxe a new level of sophistication.

The Artifact Axe is exclusively tied to the completion of this specific quest, which adds to its value and desirability. This means you won’t find this unique cosmetic in any other way or at any other time. So, if you want to enhance the visual appeal of your pickaxe and stand out from other players, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The best part is that completing this challenge doesn’t require a significant investment of time. You can unlock this exclusive reward with just a short amount of gameplay, consisting of destroying 10 stones. Pursuing the Summer Escape quest is worthwhile, considering the effort-to-reward ratio.

Take advantage of this limited-time event and seize the opportunity to add the Artifact Axe to your inventory. Not only will it enhance your pickaxe’s appearance, but it will also showcase your dedication and success in completing this particular task. So, gear up, venture into the world of Fortnite, and embark on the journey to obtain the Artifact Axe. It’s a chance to make your mark and showcase your unique style in the ever-popular Fortnite universe.

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In conclusion, the Summer Escape event brings a multitude of exciting quests, including the Fortnite Destroy Stones Quest. With your trusty pickaxe, seek stones in various locations such as beaches, forests, and other biomes. By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with the unique Artifact Axe, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pickaxe.

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