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Fortnite 100 Stories

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Fortnite 100 Stories is a puzzle game created by Wertandrew in Fortnite Creative mode. It is a tower-defense game where players must solve puzzles.

Players must complete the Fortnite 100 Stories challenge to progress to the next floor. The game currently has 50 floors, with more to be added. To play Fortnite 100 Stories, you must have Fortnite Creative mode unlocked. Once you unlock Creative mode, you can enter the map code 3853-8042-3064 to load up the game. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and you will have various tools at your disposal to solve the puzzles.

The puzzles in Fortnite 100 Stories are challenging but fair, requiring players to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to progress. The game is also very replayable, as many different ways to solve each puzzle exist. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding puzzle game, Fortnite 100 Stories is worth checking out.

You might have completed different Fortnite puzzles like Purple Lantern Puzzle, The Shuffled Shrines Puzzle, and more. However, the Fortnite 100 stories puzzle is something very different.

solving puzzle
solving puzzle
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Floor 1: Getting Started

To begin your journey through the 100-story building, enter through the main entrance and locate the elevator. Step inside and press the button to ascend to the second floor.

Floor 2: The Plant Puzzle

Upon reaching the second floor, a plant will be blocking your path. Move the plant aside and call the elevator. This action will activate the elevator, allowing you to proceed to the third floor.

Floor 3: The Yellow Sofa Secret

On the third floor, position yourself on the yellow sofa. This will trigger the elevator to open. Seize the opportunity and jump inside to advance to the fourth floor.

Floor 4: Opening Doors

As you arrive on the fourth floor, you’ll notice several closed doors. Open all the doors until you locate the elevator button. Press the button to call the elevator and prepare to ascend to the fifth floor.

Floor 5: A Direct Jump

Upon reaching the fifth floor, jump directly from the elevator to the sixth floor. This maneuver will save time and propel you to the next challenge.

Floor 6: Pressing Up

Once you land on the sixth floor, locate the elevator and click the “Press Up” button. This will initiate the elevator’s upward movement, taking you to the seventh floor.

Floor 7: Leap of Faith

On the seventh floor, call the elevator and perform a daring leap to reach the eighth floor. Keep your reflexes sharp and time your jump precisely to overcome this obstacle.

Floor 8: The Freezing Burst

As you reach the eighth floor, you’ll encounter a machine that requires a freezing burst action. Execute the action in front of the machine, and the elevator will unlock, granting you access to the ninth floor.

Floor 9: Button Interaction

Proceed to the ninth floor and interact with every button present. Once you’ve pressed all the buttons, step inside the elevator and ascend to the tenth floor.

Floor 10: The Red Painting Trick

On the tenth floor, look for a red painting. Enter the painting and call the elevator. Exit the painting, and as the elevator arrives, step inside. Brace yourself for the ascent to the eleventh floor.

get inside hte magical wall
Get inside that magical wall
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Floor 11: Interacting with the Table

Upon reaching the eleventh floor, approach the table and interact with it. This action will trigger the opening of the elevator. Seize the opportunity and ascend to the twelfth floor by jumping.

Floor 12: The Eye Symbol

On the twelfth floor, you’ll encounter an eye symbol. Directly face the symbol and walk backward into the elevator. Jump up to reach the thirteenth floor.

Floor 13: Elevator Call

Upon reaching the thirteenth floor, call the elevator to your location. Once the elevator arrives, enter it and travel to the right side elevator. Descend to the fourteenth floor through the tunnels above.

Floor 14: Removing the Gate

On the fourteenth floor, remove the gate obstructing your path. This will allow you to progress further. Exercise caution and avoid the alarms as you proceed. Enter the elevator and jump above to reach the fifteenth floor.

Floor 15: Above the Room

Upon entering the fifteenth floor, head to the left corner of the room. Look above, and you’ll notice an option to call the elevator. Activate the elevator and step inside. Jump above to access the sixteenth floor.

Floor 16: Vending Machine Target Practice

As you reach the sixteenth floor, utilize the vending machine. Grab cans from the machine and aim to throw them through the broken window. Your objective is to land the shots in the toilet. Completing this task will cause the elevator to open, enabling you to proceed to the seventeenth floor.

Floor 17: Sorting Vending Machine Items

On the seventeenth floor, you’ll encounter multiple vending machines. Place the items according to their colors inside the designated baskets: red, green, and blue. The elevator will open once the items are sorted correctly. Jump above to access the eighteenth floor.

Floor 18: The Sparking Machines

Upon reaching the eighteenth floor, utilize three vending machines. Activate the machines simultaneously, positioning yourself between them to create a spark. This action will unlock the elevator, allowing you to ascend to the nineteenth floor.

Floor 19: The Art of Timing

As you arrive on the nineteenth floor, carefully observe the surroundings. Take note of the elevator button’s location. Call the elevator, then step back from the edge to the inside. Enter the elevator and ascend to the twentieth floor.

Floor 20: Behind the Left Door

On the twentieth floor, open the left door and enter. Once inside, close the door behind you. Subsequently, open the door again, and you’ll find the elevator button. Proceed to the twenty-first floor to continue your journey.

Elevator button behind the door
Elevator button behind the door

Floor 21: The Crossbow Challenge

Arriving on the twenty-first floor, locate the vending machine and acquire a crossbow. Use your precision and aim at the targets on hot air balloons. Hit all four targets to unlock the elevator, granting access to the twenty-second floor.

Floor 22: The Elusive Machine

Upon reaching the twenty-second floor, watch the moving walls closely. Approach the machine when it’s within reach and click on it to activate the elevator. Prepare to proceed to the twenty-third floor.

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Floor 23: The Current Puzzle

On the twenty-third floor, you’ll find a number order written on the floor. Activate the currents in the same order as indicated. This will unlock the path to the elevator. Step inside and ascend to the twenty-fourth floor.

Floor 24: Colorful Vending Machines

Upon arriving at the twenty-fourth floor, interact with the vending machine. Use the colors displayed and hit them in the correct sequence. This action will open the elevator, allowing you to progress to the twenty-fifth floor.

Floor 25: The Surfing Challenge

As you enter the twenty-fifth floor, head to the right side and engage in a surfing challenge. Utilize the elevator button at the end of the course, then return and enter the elevator. Prepare to ascend to the twenty-sixth floor. This is your half way through the Fortnite 100 Stories. 

Floor 26: The Mysterious Eye Symbol

On the twenty-sixth floor, you’ll once again encounter an eye symbol. Proceed backward into the elevator, and get ready to journey to the twenty-seventh floor.

Floor 27: Eye Symbol Revisited

Return to the twenty-sixth floor and observe the eye symbol once again. Quickly make your way back to the twenty-seventh floor and enter the elevator. Your adventure continues as you ascend to the twenty-eighth floor.

Floor 28: Joining the Valves

Arriving on the twenty-eighth floor, you’ll encounter a challenging task. Your objective is to join all the valves present. Exercise patience and precision as you connect the valves. Once successfully joined, the elevator door will open, allowing you to proceed to the twenty-ninth floor.

Floor 29: Switch Sequence

On the twenty-ninth floor, you’ll encounter three switches. Activate the left switch first, the middle switch, and finally, the right switch. This sequence will unlock the elevator, granting access to the thirtieth floor.

Floor 30: The Ghostly Encounter

As you reach the thirtieth floor, prepare for a ghost-themed challenge. Fortunately, you don’t have to take any specific action. You can enter through the closed elevator as if you were a ghost. This floor poses no obstacles, making it the easiest part of your journey.

Floor 31: Circle Jumping

On the thirty-first floor, look above, and you’ll see three circles. Jump and touch your head on each circle, corresponding to the number of circles drawn. Make one jump for each circle present. Once completed, proceed to the elevator, ready to advance to the thirty-second floor.

Floor 32: The Hidden Button

Upon arriving at the thirty-second floor, you’ll notice the elevator button concealed behind a chair. However, the button is different from your destination. Crouch behind the chair and exit through the cross-shaped structure. Continue moving to the right, eventually jumping down. Climb up again to reach the thirty-third floor.

Floor 33: The Tunnel Route

On the thirty-third floor, proceed straight ahead, outside the building. Carefully navigate the edges while maintaining balance. Locate the elevator button and proceed to the next challenge on the thirty-fourth floor.

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Floor 34: The Symbolic Elevator

As you arrive on the thirty-fourth floor, you’ll encounter multiple elevator buttons, all needing to be fixed. However, the elevator from which you arrived has a symbol inside. Click on that symbol to call the elevator. Prepare to ascend to the thirty-fifth floor.

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Floor 35: Hitting the Green Box

Upon reaching the thirty-fifth floor, approach the vending machine and strike the green box three times. This action will trigger the opening of the elevator door. Step inside, ready to advance to the thirty-sixth floor.

Floor 36: The Elevated Jump

On the thirty-sixth floor, interact with the “Walking Not Allowed” symbol and a vehicle will appear. Position the vehicle in the center and jump on top of it. From there, execute a powerful jump to reach the thirty-seventh floor. Ensure you land safely to avoid any setbacks.

Floor 37: The Hidden Elevator Button

Upon reaching the thirty-seventh floor, you’ll face difficulty locating the elevator button. Search behind a chair or in a concealed area to find the button to activate the elevator. Once found, press the button and prepare to ascend to the thirty-eighth floor.

Floor 38: Illuminating the Symbol

As you arrive on the thirty-eighth floor, you’ll encounter a symbol that requires illumination. Turn on the lights in the symbol, ensuring the count reaches thirty. Once you’ve accomplished this, the elevator will open, granting you access to the thirty-ninth floor.

Floor 39: The Letter Sequence

On the thirty-ninth floor, locate the vending machine and strike the letters “C,” “L,” and “A.” This action will trigger a response, leading to the elevator opening. Step inside and prepare to ascend to the fortieth floor.

Floor 40: Sprint and Follow the Arrows

As you step onto the fortieth floor, begin sprinting and familiarize yourself with the path. Practice a quick return run and carefully follow the black arrows that guide your way. While following the arrows, ensure you call the elevator promptly. Once called, rush towards it and jump above to proceed.

Floor 41: The Sofa Trick

Upon arriving at the forty-first floor, locate the sofa and stand on it. The elevator will open, but wait to enter. Instead, move the plant nearby and jump on it. Crouch down and carefully enter the elevator to proceed to the forty-second floor.

Floor 42: Unlocking the Elevator

As you reach the forty-second floor, utilize the vending machine available. Strike the left plant, and the elevator door will open, allowing you to progress to the forty-third floor.

Floor 43: The Sniper Puzzle

On the forty-third floor, engage with the vending machine and acquire a sniper. Look through the left window to observe the number “4132.” Take note of the symbol order from left to right: “4312.” Interact with the symbols in the same order, and the elevator will open, enabling you to access the forty-fourth floor.

Floor 44: Lever and Wooden Item

Upon reaching the forty-fourth floor, approach the vending machine and use it. Use the wooden item and sit near the unicorn. Stand on the table and continuously pull the lever. This action will open the elevator door, allowing you to proceed to the forty-fifth floor.

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Floor 45: Stone and Smiling Faces

As you arrive on the forty-fifth floor, utilize the middle vending machine. Grab two stones and aim them at the smiling faces. Successfully hitting the faces will cause the elevator to open, granting you access to the forty-sixth floor.

Floor 46: Can Throw Challenge

On the forty-sixth floor, utilize the vending machine and throw two cans through the left window, and one can go through the right window. Accurately landing the cans inside will open the elevator, enabling you to proceed to the forty-seventh floor.

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Floor 47: Moving the Plants

Upon reaching the forty-seventh floor, move the two plants blocking your path and call the elevator. This will activate the elevator, allowing you to progress to the forty-eighth floor.

Floor 48: Advancing to Floor 49

On the forty-eighth floor, call the elevator and step inside. The elevator will take you directly to the forty-ninth floor, advancing you to the next challenge.

Floor 49: The Vending Machine Secret

Upon arriving at the forty-ninth floor, locate the vending machine and hit the letters “C,” “L,” and “A” once again. This action will unlock the elevator, granting you access to the fiftieth floor. Now you are just one floor away to complete the Fortnite 100 Stories. 

Floor 50: Congratulations!

As you step onto the fiftieth floor, you have completed the Fortnite 100 Stories challenge, demonstrating your skill and perseverance. Take a moment to appreciate your achievement and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering this difficult challenge.

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