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If you want to find and solve the Fortnite Shuffled Shrines puzzle, then read our guide below, which will help you solve the puzzle quickly.

An Indiana Jones-themed update has just landed for Fortnite Season 3 – the iconic temple explorer’s skin has become available and a brand new POI, Shuffled Shrines, has been added. The secret door at Shuffled Shrines holds a lot of Indiana Jones cosmetics, but you must find it in order to get them. This requires turning four stones that have drawings on them to unlock the door. If you are stuck in the Fortnite shuffled shrines puzzle then do not worry, below is our guide that will tell you exactly what to do. 

Fortnite shuffled shrines puzzle
Shuffled shrines puzzle

Fortnite shuffled shrines puzzle 

Fortnite’s secret door location is just the beginning of this quest, as you’ll have to see a few more locations in Shuffled Shrines to resolve the puzzle that opens the door past the main chamber.

A brand new Fortnite POI located south of Sanctuary and west of The Joneses, Shuffled Shrines contains a secret door at the center of the main building. The secret door shouldn’t be too hard to find, but you’ll probably have a lot of competition when you land here since many other players will also be searching for and opening the door.

How to find the door at Fortnite Shuffled Shrines

At Shuffled Shrines, you must solve the rune symbol puzzle in front of the main chamber door before finding the secret door. To solve this puzzle, explore the area around Shuffled Shrines to discover four rune symbols.

As you work your way from west to east on the map, try to note what symbols appear on the stone runes. Luckily, the runes are always located exactly where they are every time. There is, however, a different symbol on the runes for each match, which means every time you start a new match, you will be seeking a different solution to gain access to the secret door. So keep this in mind. 


  • The first rune symbol can be found in the southwestern area and there in the lower area of the temple ruins. 
  • Go north up the small hill from the first rune symbol location. The second rune symbol location is near the purple tree symbol’s inward curve, just northwest of Shuffled Shrines. If you see a reboot van in the distance, you’re close to finding the rune symbol on the ground in a stone building corner or out in the open near a damaged wall.
  • For the third rune symbol, go to the northern area of shuffled shrines. There, at the top of the hill just past the second rune and a reboot van, you will find the third rune symbol.
  • The final rune can be found in the northeast area of shuffled shrines. It will be on the ground inside one of the wooden pens which are in the lower area.
Rune symbol location
Rune symbol location

How to use the rune symbol

It is therefore the first rune symbol you found on the map, located in the southwest region, that belongs to the left rune in the main chamber. The rune beside this is where you should use the second symbol. Now do the same for the other two symbols.

Once your runes have been turned to their correct symbol, you will be able to access the main chamber door. Pick up the golden relic at the back of the corridor for some gold bars, but do be cautious about the dark-colored tiles below you – they will activate traps and could potentially kill you.

Rune symbol
Rune symbol

You can find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines by destroying the wall covered by plants to the right of the golden relic, through the small entranceway in the wall. There will be two rare chests behind this wall every time you destroy it. The first time you do this, you will receive the Indy’s Dustoff emote, but you can repeat the process to open two more rare chests.

So this was everything you need to know about the Fortnite Shuffled Shrines puzzle. Follow the guide carefully to complete the puzzle quickly.

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