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You can unlock the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap discord reward by completing the Star Wars Discord Quests in Fortnite. Check our guide to know more. 

The Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event is live as a part of Star Wars Day on May 4th, 2023. The new set of Fortnite quests is live. Epic Games has also added Fortnite x Discord x Star Wars Quest for this year’s event. Fortnite x Star Wars event has included the ” Find the Force Quests “. This quest has 4 parts and the first one named “The Force Within Quests” is live now. You will receive plenty of rewards including the Sith Holocron item.

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The Fortnite x Discord quest is the latest exclusive challenge as part of the Star Wars collaboration. Fortnite players can unlock Coruscant’s Pride Wrap for completing the Star Wars Quest which is also live in the game right now. The entire Star Wars quests will be available till May 23, 2023. Here’s all you need to know about the Fortnite Starwars Discord quests and rewards in our latest Fortnite guide.

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Fortnite Discord Star Wars Quest – All You Need to Know

You need to complete 2 Fortnite Starwars discord challenges to get the wrap. For this, you need to join the official Fortnite discord server channels. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Fortnite Starwars Discord quest.

Option 1

Enter any Fortnite discord channel and then look for the “Find the Force Discord” Quest. Once you join a channel, interact with any bot, and then make sure to link your official Discord and Epic Games accounts. Then you can complete the Fortnite Discord challenges inside the server. This is one of the ways to complete the Fortnite discord quest and earn the discord wrap rewards.

The challenges for the Find the Force Discord quest in Fortnite are,

  • Reach the top 10 position in any Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build mode (Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads)
  • You have to spend 15 minutes on voice chat in the Discord server in any Voice Channel that also has the Find the Force Discord Quest Bot installed in it.

Both are simple to do and you can do this to obtain the wrap finally.

  • Arabic language:
  • German language:
  • English language:
  • Spanish language:
  • French language:
  • talian language:
  • Japanese language:
  • Korean language:
  • Polish language:
  • Portuguese (Brazil) language:

Option 2

  • The other option is, you can share your screen with one of your Fortnite friends on the Discord channel. Go live and share the screen with your friends for at least 15 mins. Then you will be able to complete the task and unlock the wrap.

These are the only ways to complete the Discord x Fortnite x Star Wars Quest. The Discord reward, Coruscant’s Pride Wrap, will be added to the item shop once you complete the event. As this event doesn’t give Fortnite players the wrap as a reward, you have to complete the discord challenge in either of the available ways. Both are easy to do considering the objectives set by Epic Games especially the second option is relatively easier to complete the Fortnite discord quests easily.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Fortnite Star Wars Discord Quests in our guide.

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