Fortnite Wilds Vault Location and How to Find Them

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Join the hunt for hidden treasures in Fortnite Wilds as we reveal the precise locations of the coveted Vaults and the strategies to claim their valuable contents.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 or primarily called Fortnite Wilds has many Jungle-themed locations and Point of Interests as well.  There are many new additions in this new season. A returning feature is vaults. Vaults provide you with many loot items like weapons, resources, and more. Fortnite Wilds has included many vaults and there’s also a new mechanic named Temple Vaults. You can find new loot items in all these vaults.

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The vaults and temple ruins are located across every spot in the new jungle biome map. Finding them can be a challenging task well. But there vaults are always effective and you get every essential item. Here’s where you can find all the vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Check out all Fortnite Wilds Vault locations and ways to open them.

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All Fortnite Wilds Vault Locations

Right from weapons to healing, you can unlock everything in Fortnite vaults. Here are all Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 vaults and temple vaults locations

Fortnite Wilds vault location


Travel towards the north from the map. You can find one in the Mega City. Cross a river and you can find one vault in a random street.

Shattered Slabs

Travel north of Shattered Slabs and you will find a forest. Walk further and reach the mountain top to find another vault here.

Creeky Compound

Get towards the north of Creeky Compound and you can find the first temple vault here. The hidden ruins is located near a cliff here

Rumble Ruins

Another temple vault is located in Rumble Ruins Temple. You can find it near the entrance door.

Shady Stilts

Travel towards the north of Shady Stilts and you can find the northern ruins temple vault here

The Citadel

Get to the Citadel Point of Interest to find another vault near ruins

The other locations to find vaults are Frenzy Fields, Brutal Bastion, Slappy Shores, and Lonely Labs. Once you get to these spots, you have to find the mechanism and also use a worthy item to unlock the doors. And, you can also use Vault Keycard to unlock the vault doors. This can be obtained by defeating or eliminating a Highcard Boss.

These are all the best Fortnite Wilds vault locations right now. Get to these spots and unlock new loot. More vaults will also be added in the coming updates. Fortnite Vaults help you unlock all new collectibles and you can maximize all resources in your inventory as well.

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