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Are you searching for the Fortnite hex token locations? Well, we have all the locations you are looking for.

If you’re excited about unlocking amazing rewards and leveling up in the game, you’re in for a treat. We’re here to guide you through the Vikora Level Up Quest Pack, where you can learn how it works, how to get awesome rewards, and where to find all the Fortnite hex token locations.

What’s the Vikora Level Up Pack?

Imagine having a shortcut to level up your Fortnite account and getting those fantastic Battle Pass rewards faster. Well, that’s exactly what the Vikora Level Up Pack does! It helps you level up your Battle Pass quickly, so you can grab all those items before the season ends. Just like in the past, this special pack is available until August 25th at 2 AM ET.

How to Get the Pack

Getting the Vikora Level Up Quest Pack is easy. You can buy it for 1,200 V-Bucks from the in-game Item Shop’s Special Items & Bundles section. Don’t wait too long, though – make sure to grab it before the season ends. Once you have the pack, you’ll get the awesome Vikora skin and a bunch of Vikora quests.

Now, let’s talk about Fortnite hex token locations. These little gems are your ticket to leveling up faster. Every week, there will be a new set of Vikora quests, and to complete each set, you’ll need to find seven Hex Tokens. Once you collect one, you’ll instantly gain a whole level in your Battle Pass. That’s a total of 28 levels if you manage to find them all. So let’s see all the Fortnite hex token locations that you need to find.

Fortnite Hex Token Locations Week 3

Get ready for the week 3 set of Hex Token locations:

  • Hex Token 1: Head north of Rumble Ruins to a hill near the map area with dry grass. It’s by a dirt road leading to The Citadel POI. The first token is waiting there.
  • Hex Token 2: Keep going north from the first token. When you reach the dirt road‘s eastern side, you’ll spot a small wooden bridge. That’s where the second token can be collected.
  • Hex Token 3: Cross the bridge and find a zipline. The third token is right there, waiting for you to grab it.
  • Hex Token 4: Take the zipline to the other side, and you’ll find another zipline with the fourth token.
  • Hex Token 5: Hop onto a vine that goes northeast. As you ride it, you’ll collect the fifth token.
  • Hex Token 6: Follow the vine to a big tree. Carefully climb to the top of the tree, where you’ll find another vine. Ride it to get the sixth token.
  • Hex Token 7: The vine will lead you to the last Hex Token – you’re almost done!

Fortnite Hex Token Locations Week 2

Here are the Fortnite Hex Token locations for the second week:

  • Hex Token 1: Go to the dirt road northwest of The Apparatus. Up on a small hill overlooking the river, you’ll find the first token.
  • Hex Token 2: Look west from the first token’s spot. Follow the vine that stretches across a ruin, and it’ll take you to a small plateau near Rumble Ruins. The second token is waiting there.
  • Hex Token 3: Head to the main building of Rumble Ruins. On the eastern side, you’ll see the third token. Climb the ascender to get to it.
  • Hex Token 4: Inside the main building, by the statue in the center, you’ll find the fourth token.
  • Hex Token 5: Slide down the ascender on the bottom level to quickly reach the fifth token. It’s close to the temple door.
  • Hex Token 6: Enter the temple room to find the sixth token next to a statue holding a flame.
  • Hex Token 7: Leave the main building and go to the smaller ruin on the northeastern part of Rumble Ruins. The seventh token is by the western exit.

Fortnite Hex Token Locations Week 1

In case you missed it, here are the Fortnite Hex Token locations in the first week:

  • Hex Token 1: Find a plateau with a cozy cabin. It’s up north from the Southern Ruin. Look for a vine that leads you north, and you’ll find the first token waiting for you.
  • Hex Token 2: Slide along the same vine from the first token. It’ll take you past The Apparatus and to a Hop Flower. Way up high, you’ll spot the second token above the Hop Flower.
  • Hex Token 3: Now, there’s a plateau near the second token’s spot. Hop onto the Hop Flower and jump to the top of that plateau. Take the zipline to the icy part of the map northeast. The third token is waiting there.
  • Hex Token 4: The fourth token is a short zipline ride away from the third one.
  • Hex Token 5: Move towards the east to find the fifth token. It’s perched on a small cliff.
  • Hex Token 6: Go south to spot the sixth token. It’s on a vine overlooking Slap N’ Gone, leading to The Apparatus.
  • Hex Token 7: The seventh and final token is on the northern side of The Apparatus.

You’ve conquered the quest and collected all the Hex Tokens. Thanks to your efforts, you’ve leveled up your Battle Pass and earned some fantastic rewards.


What are Hex Tokens?

Hex Tokens are collectible items in Fortnite that can be found throughout the map. They are part of the Vikora Level Up Quest Pack, which is a paid pack that gives players access to exclusive quests and rewards.

How many Hex Tokens are there?

There are a total of 21 Hex Tokens that can be found in Fortnite. They are divided into three parts, with 7 tokens in each part.

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