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Want to know how to get free Fortnite Vbucks? What is the price? You will learn everything in this guide below.

In Fortnite, the importance of Vbucks cannot be overstated. As players are well aware, Vbucks are:

  • The lifeblood of this sensational battle royale game.
  • Promoting the purchase of new weapons.
  • Stylish skins.
  • An array of irresistible in-game items.

However, obtaining these coveted Fortnite Vbucks can sometimes seem as risky as the game’s virtual landscapes. In this guide, we dig into the complex details of Vbucks, providing valuable insights on how to earn, spend, and maximize their value within the Fortnite universe.

Get Vbucks
Get Vbucks

Understanding Fortnite Vbucks

Fortnite Vbucks are the virtual currency of choice in Epic’s groundbreaking creation. While obtainable through real currency transactions, Vbucks are most prominently used to purchase cosmetics from the in-game store. This includes an assortment of visually enticing outfits, emotes that convey emotions, and even the highly sought-after Battle Passes, which grant access to challenges and, consequently, more cosmetic rewards. 

In terms of cost, the standard outfit usually carries a price tag of around 1500 Vbucks, whereas emotes tend to hover around the 500 Vbucks mark. The allure of these items is further accentuated by periodic discounts, making them more appealing and accessible to the ever-expanding Fortnite player base. You can change your character or skins easily with Vbucks.

How to earn Free Fortnite Vbucks?

The idea of acquiring Vbucks without parting with hard-earned cash is undoubtedly attractive, but separating fact from fiction is important. Amidst many claims offering free Vbucks, it’s crucial to acknowledge that most of these words are elaborate scams. Epic Games issued a cautionary advisory to Fortnite players in March 2018, highlighting the risks of disclosing personal information on such platforms. 

However, a legitimate avenue to secure free Vbucks is owning the Save the World mode. Players possessing this mode can get rewards through regular Fortnite logins, occasionally receiving Vbucks as part of their spoils. It’s important to note that while guaranteed access to free Vbucks might not be absolute, strategic gameplay and dedicated progress can significantly bolster your virtual wallet.

What is the Cost of Vbucks? 

Despite their relatively modest price range, Vbucks hold substantial value within the Fortnite ecosystem, enabling the procurement or enhancement of various items that enrich your gaming experience. Epic Games consistently offers bundled Vbucks packages at discounted rates, yielding up to 20% savings. These offerings translate into real financial advantages, with options ranging from 1000 Vbucks priced at £6.49/$7.99 to 13500 Vbucks at a cost of £64.99/$79.99. This approach not only provides players with more for their money but also aligns with the principle of obtaining substantial returns on investment.


How to get the Vbucks?

For those keen on securing Fortnite Vbucks, the pre-match menus serve as a straightforward avenue. Your current Vbucks balance is readily displayed at the top right corner of the lobby window. Delving deeper, the Battle Pass tab offers insights into purchasing options and extended tiers. In contrast, the Item Shop tab showcases featured cosmetics for your consideration. Acquiring Vbucks proves a seamless process, providing swift access to many exclusive in-game items. So level up fast, get Vbucks, and become the best.

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