Ezetta Prophecy Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Dive into the fantasy world of Ezetta Prophecy and dominate all demons with simple tips and tricks from our guide.

Ezetta Prophecy is a fantasy RPG and real-time strategy battle game from Gaea Mobile team. Here, you play as a warrior in the world of Ezetta. Recruit legendary heroes, train them, and fight against the evil force. Form the best team combinations and rule the continent of Ezetta. You can pick heroes from a faction and also unleash the 5 elemental skills on the earth. You have to dominate all battles and quests to demolish demons and elves.

Join the other world guilds and interact with clan members. Work together as a clan and wipe out the dark demons in the fantasy world of Ezetta. Complete all story campaign quests and PvE missions. Use weapons, recruit armor sets, and unleash magical skills. Ezetta Prophecy is an excellent fantasy RPG. The gacha element and other features make this an intriguing action adventure. Here are some tips and tricks for all beginners of Ezetta Prophecy in our guide.

Ezetta Prophecy Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips!

Embark your magical journey in the world of Ezetta with these simple tips and tricks. Our Ezetta Prophecy guide includes the best strategies that all beginners can use.

Complete Reroll

Reroll is mandatory for a gacha game. Once you complete the reroll process for Ezetta Prophecy, you can get your hands on all legendary characters in the game. There’s also a separate section called, Summon. This helps you pick all legendary units in the game.

Ezetta Prophecy Summon section lets players summon up to 10 legendary heroes. Also, this is done based on your in-game levels and character upgrades as well. Summon your favorite heroes before you step into the battlefield in the world of Ezetta. This strategy helps you dominate battles as a beginner in the game.


In Ezetta Prophecy, you can find a permanent event section. Here, you will find a couple of small quests and big missions as well. These challenges are permanently available in the game. Complete all events and earn valuable resources like Rune and Agana Coins. Events will be a great chance to unleash your skills and you will face the most challenging heroes of Ezetta Prophecy here. Always focus on completing all available events. Once they are done, you can find new quests as well.


There’s a tab named Hero in the main menu settings of Ezetta Prophecy. Here, you will get access to all heroes. You can find their in-game character levels, skills, stats, and more. You can also spend some resources like Telfotin and Growth Elixir here to upgrade them easily. All stats of a hero like Crit, HP, Atk, and Def are shown here. 

Always, check on the Hero section to recruit the best heroes for all battles of Ezetta Prophecy. This Hero section feature is an excellent way to level up faster in the game. Once you progress, you can find many more units in the game’s hero section.


A hero cannot battle without weapons. The weapon and gear sections of Ezetta Prophecy help you pick the strongest weapon for your characters. You can find swords, shields, and spears. Pick a suitable weapon for your character and you can also pick an armor set as well. Always pick weapons based on your character’s elements in the game. Whenever there is an option, make sure to upgrade your weapons. Some top-tier weapons can help you dominate the world of Ezetta Prophecy.

Daily Login Rewards

This is by far the best feature in Ezetta Prophecy. You get rewards like Agana Coins, Apprentice, Currency, Gold, and more. You can simply login daily and claim all these freebies. With these free rewards, you can summon more heroes and upgrade them. You will also be able to unlock new legendary weapons of Ezetta Prophecy and upgrade them. Keep earning these rewards and you can also play all the weekly tasks to unlock more in your inventory bag.

Boss Fights

There are plenty of boss fights across different dungeons on the map of Ezetta Prophecy. Fight against high-level bosses and gain more Exp points and rewards. Each boss fight lasts for a couple of waves and you can get all rewards. You have to deploy the best strategy and unleash fiery units to defeat the mighty bosses in the game. 

Playing against bosses makes other challenges in the game easier. Boss fights are one of the best ways to level up faster in Ezetta Prophecy.Choose your heroes from one of the available paths like Elite or Common and go with the best artifacts for boss fight battles. Boss fight also helps you loot unlimited rewards as drops.

Kadra Tree

Ezetta Prophecy guide
Kadra Tree

Kadra Tree is a unique feature that you don’t find in other usual gacha games. You can use pets for battles. There are plenty of Pets in Ezetta Prophecy. You can access them from the game’s Kadra Tree section. Pets are called Fairy and you can unlock them from the golden colored treasure chest. You can also upgrade these pets and use them during combat every time. Pets grant bonus effects to your units and some special skills as well. Reach higher levels to unlock all fairy pets from the Kadra Tree section. This is another effective strategy to scale up the leaderboard charts in the game.


You can join the guilds and play with other clan members. You can either join a clan or form one and recruit members from other regions. The guild section of Ezetta Prophecy is a great way to test your skill and improve your playing style as well. You can play together with random players online and complete boss fights and other challenges easily.

 In clans, you play with characters of your levels. The Guild feature helps you unlock more resources and essential rewards in the game. You can join any guild once you complete all campaign story missions of Ezetta Prophecy.

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Treasure Chest

While you explore the locations during challenges, you can find some hidden treasure chests and free rewards as well. Here, you can unlock exclusive freebies that can be used for both characters and weapons. You can find treasure chests across all locations marked on Ezetta Prophecy map. Treasure chest rewards are bounty and you can use them to progress faster. Every chest gives you random resources and materials. Sometimes, you can unlock currency and weapons as well. Some treasure chests don’t offer anything as well. But, never miss out on an opportunity to grab these amazing and free treasure chest rewards in random locations across all maps on Ezetta Prophecy.

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Game Modes

Ezetta Prophecy has umpteen in-game modes. You can find them under the Adventure section of the game. Bounty Task, Main Stage, Side Stage, Lost Ruins, Arena, and Dragonfall Treasure are some of the primary game modes of Ezetta Prophecy. Here, you fight against various bosses, demons, and other creatures as well. Every quest takes place in different locations. Play all game modes to get access to all rewards. Playing every mode gets you more exp and you can also progress and level up faster in the game.

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These are the best beginner’s tips that will help you survive the world of Ezetta. With these tips, completing challenges in Ezetta Prophecy becomes an easier task. As a beginner, there will be lots of issues and you will get the best experience from those defeats. Explore the world of Ezetta and embark on a magical ride. Ezetta Prophecy is available to play on PC and Mobile.

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