Dave the Diver Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners



Navigate the underwater world of Dave the Diver like a pro with our beginner’s guide. Dive into a wealth of valuable tips and tricks to help you conquer obstacles, collect treasures, and progress through the game with ease.

Dave the Diver is a fishing simulation and casual adventure from the makers of Mintrocket. Play as John Dave and explore the seas and islands. You have to unravel the secrets of the mysterious Blue  Hole. You can do fishing across all seas during the day time. At night, you can run the Sushi restaurant and discover more secrets as well.

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Use harpoons, rods, and other bait equipment to catch a fish. Explore the entire locations of Blue Hole and also you can complete the dungeons. Use your profits from the restaurant and upgrade resources and collect more items as well. Catch over 200 sea creatures. Dave the Diver is all about exploring seas and finding secrets about mysterious locations. Here are some tips and tricks for all beginners in Dave the Diver.

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Dave the Diver – Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some valuable tips, tricks, strategies, and more for every beginner in Dave the Diver from our guide. You can play the game on PC via Steam right now.

Dave the Diver Guide

Use Phone

This exclusive feature is something new and unprecedented in Dave the Diver. You get access to a mobile phone and some exclusive contacts as well. You can check for some tips and tricks. Dave can also find more guide on his missions through his smartphone. You can call your friends and teammates every time to know about fishing location, equipment, and more as well. You can also upgrade all equipment easily and using phone is the best strategy for every beginner in the game.

Oxygen Levels

While catching fish or other creatures, Dave has to be wary of his oxygen levels especially when he dives deep. Once oxygen tank levels are 0, you will lose all equipment and items from your inventory at that time. Always be cautious of Dave’s Oxygen levels in the game. Whenever you get out to catch fish or complete fish in blue hole, make sure to refill oxygen tank levels and you can also carry some diving suits. These will help Dave survive underwater for a longer time. Use your gold coins to upgrade and maximize the oxygen tank capacity levels.

Serve Green Tea

You can serve green tea to your customers at banco sushi restaurant. You have to pour and serve it correctly to get more coins. You can increase your gold coins by pouring green tea perfectly as timing is essential as well. Your profits in Dave the Diver can be increased easily. Serve more green tea and increase your gold coins regularly. This is the best way to level up faster in the game as well. For this, you can utilize the services of employees with the best serving stats at sushi restaurant. You can also craft some rare recipes to earn more profits.

 Upgrade Your Equipment

As a beginner, every piece of equipment is essential in Dave the Diver. You need them especially while exploring underground, underwater, and mysterious locations to tackle creatures. Use earned gold coins to upgrade your equipment. You can also focus on improving Harpoons, Baits, Cargo Box, Rods, Diving Suits, and Air Cylinder. Upgrading these will improve stats and you can explore fishing without worrying much. Increase your profits at the Sushi restaurant and use them only for basic upgrades initially.

Prefer the Valuable Items

Once you run out of oxygen levels underwater, many items and resources will be lost. You also have to choose the best equipment that Dave requires on priority.  Choose the required equipment and the remaining items can be removed as well.

Serve the Best Recipes 

There are plenty of cooking recipes. Serve the best items from the menu to your customers. This will also help Dave garner more profits. Also, you have to show every recipe to customers to attract them. Some will come again and again if they are satisfied. In this way, Dave gets more profits and he can also upgrade everything in the game. As there are over 200 sea creatures across the blue hole islands, you can catch rare species and collect ingredients that also have three stars. Serve these recipes to clients and accumulate more gold coins.

 Don’t Explore 

As a beginner, it’s not okay to explore the deep locations of Blue Hole. There are sharks and other mysterious creatures as well. You have to get the best equipment and resources before exploring all locations. Complete all basic tasks and once you cross certain levels, Dave can roam freely in the game. You will be able to unlock many weapons and equipment fro blue hole after crossing main chapters.


There are some hidden treasure chests underwater and other locations of Blue Hole. Unlock them to earn more money, equipment, resources, and more. Some treasure chests may not contain any thing. But you can also explore locations to get more hidden treasure chests and their valuable rewards. You will collect some precious resources and other ingredients as well.


Recruiting the staff helps you scale up more profits in the Sushi restaurant. Every employee has different skills and you can also find them before hiring them at the Banco Sushi restaurant. Check on their skills and hire the best staff every time.  You have to place ads and spend more gold coins to hire staff. Every employee has 4 traits. One is cooking, and the rest are appeal, procure, and serving. You can unlock 3 employee first and the slots get increased once you post more ads.

You can also upgrade stats of all employees once you hire them. Use gold coins to upgrade their traits. Increase their appeal and serving stats on priority apart from cooking. As this ensures you get more profits at the bancho sushi restaurant and you can witness more clients and you will also get more tips as well.

 You are All Set  

With all these valuable tips, you are all set for an incredible journey in Dave the Diver. Never worry about losses and it’s just a normal thing for every beginner in any game. Focus on improvements and do the basics, this will help Dave become the best explorer at the Blue Hole. Also, complete all missions and small tasks to collect valuable resources and gold coins. You can also sell unused items, fish, and cooking recipes. This will get you more cash. Also, make sure to complete the Banco Sushi tutorials as well as you get to know about everything initially.

The best beginner’s guide and tips for Dave the Diver are shared here. Our guide ensures you kickstart your successful journey in the game as well. Dave the Diver is available for PC and macOS currently.

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