Which is the Best Harry Potter Magic Awakened House?



With our Harry Potter Magic Awakened guide, you can find the best house in the game. Also, find out the traits of every house in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is finally launched. The next game from the Harry Potter franchise, Magic Awakened, is out for Mobile and PC. The magical roleplaying game tasks students with various challenges across the wizarding world. You play as wizard or witch, complete challenges, and unlock new spells. There are more than 50 cards. Using these cards, you can complete all battles in the game. Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a card collectible game and you join the Hogwarts school as a student.

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After joining school, you will be tasked with several quests. But before doing all these, you have to choose a house. The Sorting Hat will let you choose between 4 houses in the Wizarding world. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw are 4 new houses in Magic Awakened. You have to pick your house after joining the school. Here’s all about the Harry Potter Magic Awakened House guide and tips.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened House – Guide and Tips

Harry Potter Magic Awakened House

Every house has different traits. You are always free to choose the ones based on your interest. All 4 houses of Hogwarts are retained in Harry Potter Magic Awakened as well. Here’s everything about every house in Magic Awakened that you need to know.


Slytherin, the house that holds green and white colored snake as its icon. Slytherin house is for the darker side of life. You have to be ambitious, cunning, and possess the skills to bewitch monsters to reside here. Voldemort and Malfoy are the renowned witches and wizards in this house. You become more determined after getting in here. Your thoughts will be cunning and you tend to do negative things as well. Overall, Slytherin is for those who wish to explore life in an uncanny way.


The house of red and gold. You have to be brave, loyal, and possess chivalry traits. Ever popular, Harry Potter, resides in the Gryffindor house. Gryffindor is for all courageous and honest witches. You will have to be bold in all decisions and should stay loyal to your words.


Hufflepuff, the yellow and black house is all about determination, loyalty, and dedication. Witches in this faculty keep working hard and are kind to each other. Newt Scamander is a well-known Hufflepuff student. With all above-mentioned traits, you can join the Hufflepuff house.


Ravenclaw, the blue and silver colored house is for all intellectuals. You have to be wise, smart, positive, and proactive as well. Wizards in Ravenclaw are always knowledgeable and unique in appearance. Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, and Garric Ollivander are popular Ravenclaw students of Hogwarts.  You have to be lovable and intelligent to tackle and overdo any situation smartly.

These are all the traits and skills of every house in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You can choose any house  initially and won’t be able to change as the game progresses. Once you join the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you can equip a pet, choose a wand, and then immediately you get access to a house. You can board the Hogwarts Express and land in school, then the Sorting Hat chooses a house for your witch. You can change them and reside in a house permanently. You can also interact with students of the same house. 

Harry Potter Magic Awakened House
Wands in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

That’s everything you need to know about the houses of Harry Potter Magic Awakened in our guide. Our Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list helps you pick the best cards in the game. Also, check out the Harry Potter Magic Awakened trailer glimpse here,

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