Roblox Color or Die Guide – Full Walkthrough



Finding it hard to complete all Roblox Color or Die chapters? With our guide and walkthrough, you can clear all levels and complete the game easily.

Color or Die from BIGworks Games is a puzzle-based horror adventure and colorful thriller game on the Roblox platform. An intriguing game where you have to clear all doors and pass through a maze. There are a couple of chapters and monsters. Your task is to pick a paint bucket and brush, then hide on walls that match your color. Once you pass a door, you can hide there. The game’s goal is to find out all colors. There will also be random NPCs who come your way. You have to go ahead of them and pick all brushes. This game is highly challenging and even many popular Roblox YouTubers are struggling to complete the chapters.

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The tasks are simple in Color or Die. Pick your bucket and brush, enter all maze, and escape from all monsters. As of now, there are three chapters. You have to complete every level and unlock new stages. Complete all chapters to finish the game. Here’s all about Roblox Color or Die Guide along with some tips and tricks to complete all levels. With our guide, you can progress from one chapter to the other easily.

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Roblox Color or Die – Easy Guide and Walkthrough

You begin with chapter 1. Before starting challenges, you have to pick the Black Bucket and spill it on entrance to enter inside the main entrance. Then, there begins thechapter one. Here’s our complete guide for all chapters in Roblox Color or Die. It’s better recommended that you play with friends as one can guide you about the ghost locations, bucket locations, brush locations, and many more tips as well.

Color or Die – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

First, you have to pick the red colored bucket and proceed towards the left side entrance of the room. You will find a couple of brushes inside, keep walking and collect more. Once you earned 3 or more, you can hide on red walls. Also beware that the ghost keeps chasing you. You have to be watchful everytime, else you may have to begin again and again.

The red wall with an unlocked door will be inside and you have to pour paint on the door to gain access. Once done, you can’t stand near inside red walls. Pick the Vent Screwdriver tool and find the vent door. The vent door is just straight opposite towards the red door. You can go inside and walk on the complicated platform and pick one orange bucket. Now, you have to open orange door by collecting the remaining buckets as well. You can also collect all available buckets once you enter inside to unlock the red door.

Run towards the next room and pick all brushes. Do remember that monster will chase you every time you open a door and you can notice some weird sound and the bulbs will start to flicker as well. Keep running and enter the orange door. After unlocking orange door, next you have to find yellow color door and unlock it with yellow bucket and brush.  If you have only one heart, it will be a difficult task as you can only respawn with new buckets. The entire progress will be lost. You can play daily to earn more hearts.

Once done with yellow, you have to find green, teal, blue and purple. Once you find the purple door, you also get a hammer. Next you can enter the pink door and collect a key.  Once done with all these, you have to find white paint. White paint is inside the paint brush door. You have to search everywhere inside the maze. After collecting white paint and brush, get to the safe zone which is the entry point outside the rooms. Now you have to open one of the available white doors. You have to pour white paint on one of the 4 doors. This may lead to failure as you have to spill on the easiest door. The best white door is the one located towards the left of the treasure chest.

Roblox Color or Die Guide
Chapter one location

Color or Die – Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Again, you begin with picking a red bucket. Unlock the red door and pick the Vent. Proceed to find orange brushes and buckets. After unlocking the orange door, you can proceed to find the yellow door. Pick the dynamite and get closer towards the brick-type walls. Here, you can find green brush and go towards the left and find the green door. Once the green door is opened, you can find a pickaxe.

Next, find the nearby orange door and unlock it. You will also find a teal brush here. Quickly walk towards the brick wall and unlock blue door and get the torch as well. Next, you have to gain access to purple door. This can be a little bit tricky task. 

You have to find the spider web door and this will help you unlock purple brush. After opening purple door, collect keys and keycards from nearby rooms. After all these, you have to open purple and green doors. Finally, you can collect the white door brush and complete the second chapter.

 Color or Die – Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3 is the new level in Roblox Color or Die. The latest update has unleashed the new chapter. Here, you have to collect 16 brushes instead of the regular 13. Once you escape chapter 2 , you gain access to the next. Take the elevator and it only takes 10 seconds to go up. Spill black paint and enter inside.


Pick the red bucket and begin the next challenge. You can unlock the red door at the same location and then proceed to find orange buckets. One orange bucket will be on the first floor. Take the stairs and pick one over there.

The orange door is past the bridge and you can unlock it easily as well. Next, walk inside the portal room and collect teal paint. After teal, you have to collect purple and green. Now, you can go to the other side of the safe zone. Take right and unlock the teal door again. Proceed to find another brush above the floor. You can pick a grapple hook and use rope to ascend. 


You will collect a blue bucket now in this zone. Travel to the left of the spawn area and unlock the key. Next, you have to open the purple door. After Unlocking it, go inside the portal where you can find some boats as well. Again, you have to find a key and climb up to find the final brush as well. Find the final white paint bucket from the underground water portal room. The end is near. Get back to the safe zone and spill the white paint on the door left to the treasure chest.

That’s how you can complete all chapters in Roblox Color or Die.  You also get access to entities. Pets are your entities and they will guide through all levels. Chapter 3 just went live through the new Roblox Color or Die updates. You can also use more pets to complete the final chapter in the game. With our guide and tips, you can easily finish all chapters in Roblox Color or Die. This game is one of the most complicated games from Roblox ever. You have to be patient and use the right controls to progress every chapter and levels. If you still struggle to complete, you can watch gameplay videos of popular Roblox YouTubers as you may find some location and other tips as well.

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