Fortnite NPC Character Locations – How to Find them

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Are you also looking for the NPCs in Fortnite? Do not worry because we have covered you with all the Fortnite NPC Character Locations.

It’s helpful to know where you can find current Fortnite NPCs because Fortnite NPC locations change every season, and more characters are added throughout the season. Getting out of trouble, hiring some help, or finding a rare Fortnite weapon are just some of the reasons you might want to find an NPC in the battle royale game.

Depending on the quest, certain Fortnite players will need to interact with certain characters. Some NPCs stay put, while others may rotate, so check below if you’d like to see a specific character. Many of the Fortnite characters you’ll encounter will sell guns and other useful items, but you have several options for purchasing exotic weapons from them. Keeping all these in mind, here is the list of all Fortnite NPC character locations that will tell you how to find them.

NPC in Fortnite
NPC in Fortnite

Fortnite NPC Character Locations

  • Chrome Punk: Flutter Barn.
  • Cryptic: Bbove Tilted Towers at The Flairship.
  • Evie: On the eastern island Syndicate Shoals. (formerly Cuddle Cruisers)
  • Fishstick: Shiny Sound. (formerly Sleepy Sound)
  • Guaco: Greasy Grove.
  • Panther: Shimmering Shrine’s north-westernmost garage.
  • Stash’d: Chonker’s Speedway.
  • Underwriter: To the east of Shiny Sound in No Sweat Insurance.
  • Kyle: The Chop Shop. North of the map.
  • Sabina: At far north of Grim Gables in Shell or High Water.
  • Rustler: Grim Gables. (formerly Shifty Shafts)
  • Bao Bros: To the west of Chrome Crossroads, in a vault.
  • Beach Bomber: Chrome Crossroads.
  • Blackheart: East of Fort Jones, on the ship atop The Driftwood.
  • Bunker Jonesy, Castaway Jonesy, Jonesy the First, or Relaxed Fit Jonesy: Fort Jonesy. (There will only be one every match)
  • Sunbird: Near Lustrous Lagoon, to the east of The Temple.
  • Mancake: Rocky Reels.
  • Maximillian: South of Grim Gables is where you’ll find Maximillian’s Scrap Pavilion.
  • Meow Skulls: Rave Cave.
  • Meowsicles or Kit: Scratch Pad. (There will only be one every match)
Fortnite NPC
Fortnite NPC

Keep in mind

Knowing the Fortnite NPC Character Locations is one part, and you will have to keep a few things in your mind.

You need to remember that characters may not all spawn in the same match if they are bunched up in an area, and if another player has hired or eliminated them, that character will no longer exist in the game. In addition to the speech bubble icon on your map, you will also be able to see their head through walls when you are close to one. 

When you interact with them for the first time, you’ll add them to your Collection and receive a screen confirmation. If you interact with a Fortnite character, you’ll have the option of doing a task for them or buying something from them.

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