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Mobile Anime games are always a delight to play. If you have been searching for the best Anime mobile games to play on both Android and iOS, here is the list of the best Anime Mobile Games here.

There are thousands of anime games, but when it comes to mobile there is only a handful of them worth playing. Most of the Anime games are based on the video games themselves. Everyone loves to play Anime games as they are always special when compared to other genres. Especially an anime game on mobile will be the best thing for a gamer. Here are the best mobile Anime games to play on your Android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Mobile Anime Games

All these are the best Mobile Anime games that have had more downloads. Download and play these Anime Action games on your Android and iOS Mobile devices.

1. My Hero Ultra Impact (Play Store | App Store)

My Hero Ultra Impact is an action anime RPG game where you need to collect the in-game characters. The main quest stories and chapters of My Hero Ultra Impact keep the game moving forward. Based on the famous manga, My Hero Academia, this game is definitely one of the best Anime games for Android and iOS users. You can play individually or as a team in this beautiful and colorful Anime game.

My Hero Ultra Impact

2. Dragon Ball Z Dookan Battle ( Play Store | App Store )

If the Dragon Ball Anime series is famous, then this game based on the same anime is as famous as the series itself. Having more than 500 million downloads, this anime game has been a fantastic one in every aspect. The gameplay, visuals, animations, quests, graphics, and colorful characters have made this game one of the best Anime mobile games. A strategy game where you need to collect the cards and solve the puzzles. This anime game is mostly based on the board game genre. If you are a fan of the Dragon Anime franchise, then this game is sure to be on your favorite games list.

3. Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage ( Play Store | App Store )

An action anime game which is based on the famous Naruto Anime is a highly rated mobile anime game. Build and protect your Ninja Clan, fight against the Ninjas, and explore all the stories and battles of Naruto & Boruto. You can collect some of the famous Shinobi in the game. Your role as Ninja is to develop and protect your clan and make your clan stronger by engaging in fiery Ninja battles. This strategy game is all about action and you boast incredible skills including popular Ninjutsu attacks. Complete all the Ninja missions and obtain the rewards and other items.

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

4. Genshin Impact ( Play Store | App Store )

If you ever speak about the best anime action game right now in the world, then Genshin Impact is the numero uno from that list. Genshin Impact is at the pinnacle of its career, as it’s an incredible anime action RPG and the good thing is it’s available for mobile users. Genshin Impact has everything in it, world-class visuals, intriguing quests, and magnificent locations. Right now Genshin Impact got a new update with the Sumeru region and your role as a traveler is to explore the region, complete the quests at various locations, getting the rewards. The game has several incredible characters who are based on different elements with powerful stats and skills. Genshin Impact is an amazing anime game that will never bore you.

Genshin Impact

5. Honkai Impact 3D (Play Store | App Store)

Another amazing action anime 3D game from miHoYo, Honkai Impact 3rd is the third series from the franchise. Your role as Valkyrie is to fight against the enemies for survival. You can either play the single-player mode or as a team, but the only goal in Honkai Impact 3rd is to explore the stories and fight the opponents. There are powerful bosses in the game and you will need to fight them at several stages to progress. The Co-op Raid mode is one of the most challenging game modes and is worth checking out. Overall Honkai Impact 3rd is magnificent, world-class, and mind-blowing as the game is one of the best mobile Anime games.

Honkai Impact 3D

6. Epic Seven (Play Store | App Store)

Epic Seven has amazing fantasy world locations where you will meet various opponents for battles. You boast a secret skill that will help you to overcome the enemies. The game is fast-paced and the animations of this anime game will be a visual treat. You must deploy the right strategy and gameplay to win the battles of Epic Seven. The stories of Epic Seven will be another reason for everyone to prefer this game.

Epic Seven

7. Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Game (Play Store | App Store)

The intriguing stories and missions in the Bleach world are here to test your skills. You have to pick and build your characters from the bleach world and blend it into a team of 3. Complete the bleach quests and missions from the available PvP, and Co-op modes and get your desired rewards. Every character in this Bleach has unique skills and special attacking movies which can be employed during the battles. Overall a worthy anime game that is full of thrills and adventure.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (Play Store | App Store)

A collectible anime card game based on the famous Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. A virtual reality world awaits your entry and you are about to pick your role which can be Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi. The duels of the game engage you with different sets of decks and cards. For every Duel successful completion, you will be acquiring a new reward. Overall a different digital collectible game that is a good pick for all anime game fans. Start earning more gems as they are vital for purchasing the cards from the shop. The PvP mode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links gives access the players to tussle out with their friends and mates.

9. Lord of Heroes (Play Store | App Store)

Another good anime RPG game with extraordinary visuals and colorful characters. Complete the set of Challenges and Chronicles to advance in the game. The Knights, Monarch, and other characters of the game have been designed well. Your role as the Lord of Avillon is to battle the enemies, find out the stories and choose the best heroes to be the savior. The Graphics of this anime game deserve applause. Start picking your Monarch and build your nation by customizing your own character. The characters are specialized with their own unique skills and elements. Explore various countries and fight for people’s survival in each of the nations you explore through.

10. Azur Lane (Play Store | App Store)

This is probably a rare anime game that is a blend of anime, action, and tactical. An anime shooting game which has been set in the World War II era. The story begins from the same place and you are set for several challenges. Collect your favorite characters and engage in the raw battles of the ships. PvP mode is available. The maps of Azur Lane are based on the German U Boats, and American submarines. The UI and Mechanics are some of the notable features of Azur Lane. Azur Lane can be your best anime game if you are looking for some intense action and battles.

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