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If you are looking for the best Pokemon to add in your party then this article has the best Scarlet and Violet Pokemon for you.

A similar gameplay structure is present in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which involves catching and trading creatures known as Pokémon and using them to explore the world and battle other Pokémon trainers. So there are lots of Pokemon in the game and deciding which one to have in your party is very difficult. Therefore, we have ranked the best Scarlet and Violet Pokemon for you in this article.



A tank and a half, Garganacl has the ability to match. It has a base Defense of 130, a base HP of 100, and a base Attack of 100. The Speed of the Pokemon is only 35, so don’t expect it to be too fast. However, with its hidden ability Clear Body, its stats won’t be lowered. The Pokemon is a Rock type, specifically salt, and while it is weakened against Water-type attacks, it has a way of defending itself.

Its signature move, Salt Cure, deals a basic 40 damage and keeps doing so over the following turns. For Water and Steel kinds, the additional damage is also twice in addition to the initial damage.


When the player presents Bronzor or Sinistea fragments to a mysterious person in Zapapico (depending on either Scarlet or Violet) the adorable Charcadet will evolve into a Megaman-inspired evolution.

Armarogue is a special attacker, whereas Ceruledge is a physical attacker, so they both fulfill the role of medium-speed attackers with incredible damage. Both players use powerful Fire moves, with Amarogue having a Psychic secondary typing and Ceruledge having a Ghost secondary typing.


With its grass/fighting type and fun personality, Breloom is a very enjoyable partner to have on one’s team. Breloom was cut from the Pokedex the last generation, but this time around it is back, and fans are raving about it. The base stat total of Breloom is 460. Though it does not have a high attack stat total, it has a very high individual attack stat total of 130, making it extremely viable.

With the ability to learn a variety of moves through TMs, Breloom is a fantastic pick for a grass-type Pokemon to have on your party. This is one of the best Scarlet and Violet Pokemon.


It is a Poison/Ground Pokemon that specializes in being big and taking hits. The evolution of Paldean Wooper, Clodsire is the most horizontal Pokemon. The game’s HP is 130 and its Special Defense is 100. However, its low Special Attack (45) relieves it of physical attacks and status effects, so don’t worry too much about it. Since it’s not fast, avoid strategies that require it to go first. Giving your Clodsire a Focus Sash might be a wise move if you’re unsure of its resistance to damage.



As a new evolution of a generation 1 classic in Primeape, Ghost/Fighting Annihilape evolves from Primeape once the player uses Rage Fist 20 times. The first evolution, Mankey, can be found in grassy areas of south province area five. Annihilape can cover many bases defensively and break multiple defensive types that check each other with his Ghost/Fighting typing, which complements each other very well.

Annihilape gains significant improvements over Primeape, not just offensively but also in bulk. It has the ability to take hits as well as dish them and is well suited to abuse the Choice Scarf item.


Even though Tropius does not evolve well, it is still a fun Pokemon to have on your team, despite its 460 stat total. This Pokemon has a very decent design, which makes it stand out, even if it doesn’t evolve. There is also one of the better-looking green shiny forms of Tropius. There has always been a rarity to encounter this Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and that situation hasn’t changed much either.


This Pokemon has an impressive stat total of 518. Gardevoir is an excellent fighter to be included in a player’s team. It also has a very cool shiny form. In addition to its high special attack and special defense stats, this fairy Pokemon also has a very diverse move pool, making it one of the strongest Pokemon to encounter. It is a rare Pokemon that can be found in the South Province (Area One)). 

In Generation 9 games, Ralts are also included as Gardevoir’s counterpart evolution, Gallade. Additionally, Gardevoir has a Paradox Form in Pokemon Violet called the Iron Valiant, which has a similar look to both Gardevoir and Gallade.


In every generation, pseudo-legendary Pokemon has become a tradition, and the strangely adorable Frigibax spawned it all. It evolves into Arctibax at level 35 and into Baxcalibur at level 54. Frigibax can be found as a rare encounter in Glazed Mountain. A pseudo-legendary at such a late level should be expected.

One of the main draws to Baxcalibur is its 145 Attack stat. Because it has a large Defense and Special Defense stat, it can remain around for a long time, and its powerful Attack stat is protected by the ability Thermal Body, which prevents it from being burned. Fans have come to expect pseudo-legendaries to be reliable powerhouses, and Baxcalibur is no exception. If you are looking for the best Scarlet and Violet Pokemon for your team then this is a great option for you.


Due to its low defensive stats, this Pokemon is fast and strong, but you have to be ready to change it out at a moment’s notice. Cyclizar comes pre-equipped to mitigate its weaknesses with moves such as U-turn and Shed Tail. With only four types of weaknesses, all of which are only x2, it has a lot of move coverage. Outrage and Giga Impact are among the most powerful TMs in the game, so its speed will make a strong first impression.


There is no doubt that Palafin is one of the best Water-type Pokemon ever released, despite its unassuming appearance. As its pre-evolution Finizen is found across Paldea’s waters, Palafin evolves from Finizen at a modest level of 38 when playing in co-op. While its “hero form” may be unassuming, the Palafin is one of the strongest non-Legendary Pokemon to ever exist.

The base stat total of Palafin shoots up to 650 after switching out once, which is comparable to Pokemon like Miraidon and Kyogre in terms of game-breaking abilities. With its 160 base Attack and its extensive offensive moves, Palafin can completely destroy even the most expertly crafted competitive teams with his raw power alone. When he gets one Flip Turn off and goes into Hero Form, he can completely annihilate them. There is no doubt that this is one of the best Scarlet and Violet Pokemon.


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