Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Elite Four – How to Beat, Tips and Tricks

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The New Elite Four Challenges on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available. Here’s the complete guide and tips to win the Elite Four battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been receiving tremendous reviews and players are just enjoying each and every content in the game. New Challenges, New Pokemon, Rewards from both the games have taken the reach to the next level. Right now there’s a new challenge for the players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to defeat the Elite 4.

Those players who have successfully defeated all the Gym Trainers will be eligible to play the next challenge from the Pokemon League. Here you have a challenging task of defeating the Elite 4 and their troops. If you are looking for the best tips and guide to defeat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, here’s our guide on the same.

Once you are done with the Gym Leaders challenge at the Paldean, you are eligible to get access to the Elite 4 challenges from Pokemon League. There are 4 different challenges against the Elite 4 and you may have seen all of these members earlier at the Gyms. There are 4 Elite Battles and the opponents possess some insane stats.

First you have to take on Elite Rika and her members, then you have to take on Elite Poppy, Elite Larry and Elite Harrell. All of these Elite leaders have 5 members in their teams. Here is the complete guide, tips and tricks to beat Elite 4 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Elite Four Rika Challenge

Elite Rika will be your very first battle in Pokemon League. Rika is a Ground-type Pokemon and her team includes Whiscash, Camerupt, Donphan, Dugtrio and Clodsire. Taking on Elite Four Rika and her gang is one of the easiest challenges in the Pokemon League. As Rika is basically a Ground specialized character, you can target her members with grass type moves. Rika and her members are also vulnerable against ice and water types.

Whiscash will be the first one coming out from Elite Rika team, you can counter her with grass moves. For Camerupt, Donphan and Dugtrio you may employ Water type Pokemon to dominate them easily. Clodsire will be the last one to come out from the Rika team and defeating her needs proper strategy and techniques. For Clodsire, you can proceed to use the Ice Punch moves as she’s so strong with her poison attacks, the best way to counter her is to use the Ice moves.

Elite Four Poppy Challenge

The real challenge starts when you take on Poppy and her gang. Poppy is a Steel-type Pokemon and you need to bring out the best strategy to defeat her team members. Every Pokemon of hers is powerful with incredible stats. Her team consists of Copperajah, Bronzong, Corviknight, Magnezone, Tinkaton and all of them are extremely good with their steel type moves and skills.

To defeat Poppy and her team, you must go with Fighting and Fire type Pokemon especially the fire moves will bring you the best results. Beware of the Spikes from Copperajah as she keeps unleashing them from Stealth Rock to inflict damage on your team. Armarouge, Swords Dance will be the best way to tackle Poppy and team. It’s all about using the fire and flames to annihilate Poppy and co for this particular challenge.

Elite Four Larry Challenge

Next comes the toughest challenge against Larry and his members. Larry is one of the strongest Flying-type Pokemon and can literally demolish anyone with his flying moves and other attacks. Larry has his strongest Flying-type team that includes Tropius, Altaria, Staraptor, Oricorio and Flamigo. Larry is once again back to the Elite Four battles and is completely a different Pokemon right now.

To tussle against Larry and co, you can bring out the best electric type moves especially to take on Flamigo who’s the strongest troop of his team. Additionally any rock-type moves will also help especially if you can fo with the single rock moves. The entire team of Larry also holds the Dual-type moves and more skills, for this you may prefer going with electric moves once again or even ice moves will be good enough to wipe away his team.

Elite Four Harrell Challenge

Harrell will be the last one for this Elite Four Battles. Harrell is basically a dragon type Pokemon and his team members Noivern, Haxorus, Flapple, Baxclaibur and Dragalge are all powerful with their dragon types and other abilities. The best option is to deploy the dragon type attacks alongside the fairy moves as that can easily defeat and demolish the entire team of Harrell.

Also try to avert Harrell’s powerful dragon moves and attacks that can inflict instant damage on your team. Dragalge has poison abilities and Noivern boasts flying moves, so it’s better to counter them with other special moves or electric type attacks.

That’s everything you need to know about the Elite Four Challenges in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Defeating the Elite 4 members in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a little bit challenging one, yet you can emerge victorious with the right gameplay and strategies.

If you are done with completing all the Elite Four Challenges, the next you are in for another daunting task of defeating the Champion Geeta. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been the best recent release from the Pokemon franchise and players have been cherishing each and every moment in the game.

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