How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite

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Score free skins in Fortnite with our ultimate guide. Explore various methods, events, and promotions to unlock stylish outfits without spending a single V-Buck.

Fortnite, the sensational battle game has some amazing content and challenges for its players. Fortnite offers tons of skins to players. Only a few skins are available for free and everyone has to spend some Vbucks to get all exclusive skins and cosmetics. However, there are some free skins still and again you can obtain skins for free in Fortnite during some events.

Skins are always attractive and players in Fortnite wish to swap skins along with various cosmetics and use different styles as well. Although there are more than 1500 skins in the game, you hardly get any chance to grab some free skins. Purchasing skins and cosmetics fill your Fortnite inventory and you can perform some rocking dance moves using emotes as well.

Many skins come through Fortnite collaborations and getting free skins through these collaborations is the only opportunity for players in the battle royale mode. Even in the item shop, there won’t be any free Fortnite skins. Here are the best ways to obtain free skins in our guide.

Best Ways to Get Free Skins in Fortnite!

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to unlock free skins, cosmetics and outfits in Fortnite. 

Free skins in Fortnite
  • Take part in Fortnite collaboration events and complete all challenges. Here, you occasionally get some free skins
  • The other best way is to participate in Fortnite tournaments. Here, you can play matches and earn points to secure some free v-bucks and skins
  • You can use Fortnite codes if they are available. Though Fortnite doesn’t share free promotional codes regularly, yet you can look for them and use it to unlock skins and other rewards as well
  • Players who have a subscription pack of PlayStation Plus, Amazon, and more might get an opportunity to grab some free skins. 
  • Epic Games hosts some exclusive Fortnite tournaments for crossover-themed characters and Icon Series skins for some streamers and content creators. This is another opportunity to get free rewards
  • You can occasionally check the item shop for some free rare skins. Whenever a chapter and season is on the verge of ending, Fortnite releases some skins for free and discounts as well 
  • Whenever a new Season gets launched, you can unlock the battle pass and earn some free v-bucks which can then be used to purchase free skins and other cosmetics as well. Sometimes, battle pass also included some free skins and other crew packs

These are the easiest ways to acquire free skins in Fortnite currently. Skins are always costly and you don’t get them for free. Keep playing all challenges and events to increase your number of skins. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.

Is getting free skin easy in Fortnite?

Yes, you can unlock free rare skins in Fortnite easily. As there are various ways, you can always look for these instead of spending regular v-bucks.

Is Fortnite Available for Android?

Yes you can play Fortnite by downloading the application from Epic Games Store. But, there’s no direct way to download Fortnite from Google Play Store.

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