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Kinetic Blade is a new melee weapon in the Fortnite Mega season. Check our guide to find the best locations and ways to get the weapon.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been launched grandly. Skins, cosmetics, quests, and weapons are all added by Epic Games for the upcoming Fortnite Mega season. New collaborations and events are in plans for this season of Fortnite. Epic Games has added new features, skins, and cosmetics right now and collaborations will be live soon. Again the new weekly quests for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 are also out. The weekly quests are out and one challenge requires Fortnite players to find and use Kinetic Blade. Kinetic Blade is a new melee weapon that’s been added in the Fortnite Mega season. The weapon has two unique abilities. You can obtain the Kinetic Blade weapon as chests, floor loot, and drops.

Kinetic Blade spawns in a couple of locations on the map. After finding one, you can use it to complete this week’s weekly challenge and get new rewards. To those who are struggling to get a kinetic blade weapon, here’s our Fortnite guide with all the best locations and ways to get Kinetic Blade weapons in the game.

Steps to Obtain Kinetic Blade Weapon in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Here are the best ways and locations to acquire the purple colored kinetic blade katana weapon,

  • Find the weapon in random loot, chests, floor loot, ground loot, and supply drops in all locations.
  • You can acquire the weapon from the Sparring Arena zone in Mega City
  • Kenjutsu crossing in the southern part of the map is another best location to get the Kanata weapon. Find it from the Pagoda building zone
  • You can find the weapon as random drops on the ground and blade stands in and around the map
  • Japanese-themed locations and dueling ground in the southwest of the map will also get you one or two weapons
  • Cyberpunk POIs and drops on walls are other best spots to find the weapon

These are the best locations and ways to find the kinetic blade weapon. After obtaining one, find quests that require this melee weapon.

Kinetic Blade Fortnite

About Kinetic Blade Katana Weapon

Kinetic Blade is a powerful short-range melee weapon introduced in the Fortnite Mega season edition. The Weapon has two abilities, Slash and Dash. These two skills of Kinetic Blade will unleash a series of hits and strikes when activated. Right now, you can use Kinetic Blade Katana to complete a quest. You can use the weapon’s slash and dash abilities to knock down a random enemy and complete this quest. Complete the quest using Kinetic Blade and get some XP and other rewards.

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