How to Complete Fortnite Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge

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Wondering how to complete Fortnite Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge? Here is everything you need to know.

Fortnite has rolled out a new challenge for Released for new items as part of the event’s community in which players can now unlock more free cosmetics and other items that they can use to advance in the game. This challenge came out on February 21st. Epic Games have Released four new items as part of the event.

Fortnite Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge

The first part of the Event Requires you to Complete In game challenges and infamy. The 2nd part of the Most Wanted event requires players to register on a special website and obtain new challenges. These challenges Are easy to complete.

If you’re wondering how to participate in this event we have put together a guide for you From which you can follow these steps and earn the rewards that are awaiting in the store for you. We will also tell you how to collect your rewards after completing the Most Wanted event requirements.

How to Complete Fortnite Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge?

Most wanted event in Fortnite
Most wanted event in Fortnite

As mentioned the Most Wanted event was released on February 21 by Epic games. The event challenges Were released at 9 AM Eastern time And players still have a chance to complete all these challenges until this week.

To start off the most Wanted leaderboard’s challenges you will have to visit The official website of the event. Once you open the website follow the instruction to log into your Fortnite account as given and then on free rewards.

The awards you get at this stage are not the same as the awards you will get through the Most Wanted event. For instance, you can unblock these solid skrull back bling and the cold-blooded Ace skin Upon logging in. However, these awards are not included as a part of the most wanted leaderboard challenges.

The 4 cosmetic items in Fortnite as mentioned above May come to the item shop later but epic games have not revealed anything about this yet. However, we do know what cosmetic items to expect from this event here is the list of the new cosmetic items that you can earn through this event.

  • GG Flamed Emoticon
  • Live To ride Spray
  • Retro wrap
  • Clean getaway loading screen

Keep in mind that these free Fortnite cosmetic items will not be accessible to you unless you sign up for the most wanted leader boards event On the official website. If you are trying to complete them visit the website.

You can unlock 3 rewards by participating in the challenge and by connecting your Fortnite battle Royal account. One of the challenges of these will ask you to complete in-game tasks during the event.

How to unlock new cosmetics for free?

New cosmetics in Fortnite
New cosmetics in Fortnite

After you complete the challenge registration by linking your epic games account you will unlock the GG flamed emoticon. Once you invite a friend to participate in the challenge the live-to-ride sticker will be added to your locker.

The Retro Rivals Wrap is the best from the new set of challenges so it could be a little difficult to unlock it. In order to claim the wrap you will be required to open 10 Vaults.

The last award on the list Clean getaway Loading screen will be given to the participant after the challenge comes to an end. This means that the award will be available for you to add to your locker on Tuesday, February 28th which is the last day of the event.

This is all you need to know about Fortnite’s most wanted event as of now. If you haven’t claimed your rewards yet you can still do so until a week as the event comes to a conclusion on February 28.

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