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Check our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide to know the best tips and tricks to play the game. Beat the game easily using our guide with some awesome tips and tricks!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an epic action fantasy RPG. The game from the developers of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo has been released recently amid massive hype and buzz. The Storyline takes place in the three kingdoms period in a dark fantasy magical world.  A linear storyline with unique mechanics and gameplay is now out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has co-op multiplayer mode, you can party with your friends and other players to complete every combat in the magical universe. Historical battles against various bosses and enemies, missions, and other battles are available. Overall, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a unique RPG that will never get you bored. As a beginner, you need to know everything about the game. Here is our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide with 10 tips and tricks to play the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide and Walkthrough

Here are the best strategies, tricks, and tips to play Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and complete missions for every beginner. 


Morale is one of the game’s primary mechanics that will help you to defeat bosses easily. Your morale points can be seen at the top right. The Morale system is a kind of ranking that you can level up in each mission. If your morale is high, you will face weaker opponents. You need to defeat and kill more enemies and earn more XP points to increase your morale rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Utilize fatal strikes to earn more morale points. Again your morale will gradually reduce if your performance is bad. Avoid getting damaged in boss fights as it can also drain your morale. High morale also helps you to face enemies with poor stats. Find more battle flags and marking flags to increase your morale points.

You can also find your opponent’s morale level by checking on the morale icon color. Red colored morale icon indicates that you are facing the most difficult opponents in the game.


Just like morale rank, fortitude rank level in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an important mechanic that helps you to progress in the game. You need to claim more Marking and Battle flags to increase your fortitude level in the game. Just find and raise these flags in every mission to increase fortitude rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. This will help you to progress faster. Both Fortitude and Morale ranks are connected, and Fortitude rank is also the lowest morale rank of your Heroes in the game. Fortitude rank level begins from 0 and you can level up to 25. But the Fortitude level automatically resets to 0 in the following missions.


There are numerous weapons in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Pick one that has the best stats and skills to deal massive damage in battles and boss fights. Poleaxe and Swords are the primary weapons. Some of the best weapons for missions and boss battles in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are Bronze Poleaxe, Cavalry Javelin, Feathered Cavalry Bowl, Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords, and more. Use these weapons to get the best damage and attack faster.

Armor Set

You need to equip the best Armor set in an intense action RPG like Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. The Armor is your best defense and there are more than 30 Armor sets. Every Armor set in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty belongs to one class. Light, Medium, and Heavy class Armor sets are available, and you can equip Armor sets from heavy class to get the best defense stats. The Armor sets will also make you resistant to several magical phase elements.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide
Armor Set


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has five elemental phases. Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and Metal phases. You can go with one of these elemental phases. Every phase has wizardy spells and different types of damage. The Fire phase deals fire damage, Earth Phase deals stone damage, the Water phase deals ice damage, the Wood phase deals lightning damage, and the Metal phase deals poison damage. You will be vulnerable against enemies that have different phases than yours. All phases in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will have different attacks, playstyles, and stats. Every phase is also weaker against the other. If you want to deal massive damage and attack harder, then the fire phase is the best element to go with.

Utilize Deflect Technique 

You may be familiar with dodge, block, and parry. But Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a different combat technique that’s something new in RPGs. Deflect is one of the game’s primary combat techniques that you can perform whenever your enemies unleash attacks or moves or combos. In most boss battles of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, your strategy and trump card is to deflect the boss’ moves and combos instead of parrying or blocking them. Dodging is effective, but Deflecting is essential to defeat the bosses. More than your weapons, deflect mechanic is an integral part of your success in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Utilize this deflect technique to level up faster and complete boss battles. Using deflect mechanics is one of the best tips and tricks to progress faster in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wizardy Spells

Apart from weapons, you need spells to defeat enemies and complete missions. There are plenty of wizardy spells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Every spell belongs to a different elemental phase. To get access to these spells, make sure to level up your virtues initially. Choosing the best wizard spell is important and will help you to kill enemies quickly. Using the best spells is the best strategy to complete boss battles and missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Spirit Level

Apart from health, the spirit level is an important mechanic in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Your spirit damage level should remain intact and you can also focus on your enemy’s spirit level to eliminate and kill them faster. The spirit gauge level is a blend of stamina and energy. You can find your spirit gauge level just beneath the health bar. With the spirit gauge, you can cast spells and utilize martial arts. Your spirit goes down whenever you are hit by enemies and you will also lose them for dodging.

Complete Boss Battles

As you go through main chapter missions, you will also get access to the game’s boss fights. There are umpteen boss fights and challenges in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Complete these challenges to progress faster and unlock new missions. Defeating bosses and killing them will grant you new rewards and armor equipment as drops. You will be able to unlock every Armor set in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty by completing all boss fights and other important battles. Some bosses are easy and others are harder, you can use the best weapons and spells to overcome the bosses and beat them.

Lose and Learn

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an intriguing action adventure. You will be up against some of the hardest bosses and enemies in every mission. Understand the game’s concept, and mechanics, and analyze your opponents’ weaknesses to overcome them in missions. You will have to explore the dangerous dark fantasy world to kill mighty monsters and dreadful demons throughout your journey, even if you lose as a beginner that’s not going to be an issue. Learning from defeats is the best experience and will also be one of the best tips and strategies to complete missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

These are the 10 best tips, tricks, and strategies to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide will help you kickstart your successful journey in the game. Follow our guide and tips, we will come back with more Wo Long Fallen Dynasty updates and guides soon.

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