Cookie Run Kingdom Rockstar Cookie Guide – How to Unlock, Toppings, and More



Rock the stage with our comprehensive Cookie Run Kingdom Rockstar Cookie guide. Discover how to unlock this electrifying character, master the art of toppings, and unleash their full potential in your kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom, the strategy-based battle game is a fun adventure. Here you have to train cookies and form a kingdom. You play Cookies and they have unique skills for battles. The goal is to overcome the Dark Enchantress Cookie and her dark legion as well. Cookie Run Kingdom is an amazing gacha mobile game and one of the best strategy-based action games for Android and iOS as well.

Every cookie gets upgraded with new Toppings and Treasures. There have been plenty of Cookies over the years. Every new patch update brings new content along with some cookies as well. The recent update of Cookie Run Kingdom has unleashed the Rockstar Cookie who has also made his appearance already. Rockstar Cookie is a primary healing unit and he plays at the center. Rockstar Cookie always specializes in the middle position.

The recent Summer Soda Rock Festa update has brought back a couple of cookies to the Cookie Run Kingdom world along with the Epic Cookie, Rockstar as well. Here is our guide on Cookie Run Kingdom Rockstar Cookie Guide that includes the best toppings and ways to unlock it along with some tips and tricks.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rockstar Cookie
Rockstar Cookie

You can use Soulstones and Cutters to obtain Rockstar Cookie through the gacha system of Cookie Run Kingdom. The best toppings for Rockstar Cookie are here,

As the name implies, Rockstar is a marvelous musician and can also use his musical skills during battles. He can also buff or provide healing points to other allies using his musical skills as well. The best Rockstar Cookie toppings are here,

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  • Swift Chocolate – This is by far the best toppings for Rockstar Cookie. Considering the effects of Swift Chocolate and its abilities to pair well with healing-based cookies, it’s a no-brainer that Swift Chocolate is the best topping for Rockstar Cookie in the game.  The cooldown rate effects also get a reduction as well.
  • Juicy Apple Jelly – This can be your secondary toppings for Rockstar Cookie. This increase the crit hits, crit damage, and finally crit chance % as well. Rockstar Cookie has only a minimum crit hit stats, this can boost them easily.

These two are the best toppings for Rockstar Cookie and they can increase your winning margins as well. Do Not go for other Toppings other than these as it doesn’t suit Rockstar’s playing style. As of now, these 2 are the only well-suited toppings and exclusives to the Rockstar Cookie as well.

Legend of Rock is the primary skill for Rockstar Cookie. This can heal the allies and also applies the Legendary Rock Spirit buff to them once Rockstar Cookie performs a rock anthem. Also, Curse Protection buff, and a CRIT% buff will be applied for all excluding himself based on his CRIT%.  Rockstar Cookie is also the very first cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom who does not prioritize the Rear position, instead he prefers the middle position primarily for all battles.

Collect jellies and unlock more skills. You also need to farm more exp and other materials like Gold and Soulstones to level him up. Gather all ascension materials for Rockstar Cookie by playing continuously and win more battles to make him a stronger unit as well. Also, you can collect treasures for improving his healing stats and crit DMG as well.

That’s everything you need to know about the Cookie Run Kingdom Rockstar Cookie and his best build and toppings. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

The new content is live in Cookie Run Kingdom and Shining Glitter, the new Cookie in her debut season is launched as well. Here’s the content update that’s expected to be launched in the world of Cookie Run Kingdom very soon. 

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