Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie – Best Toppings, Playstyle, and more


We have brought you a guide that will tell you everything about the  Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie. Learn about the best toppings and more.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, you will find a brand-new Super Epic Cookie, the Oyster Cookie. Added in the recent Glorious Creme Republic update, she is a Support type, and she is located at the Rear of your team. Of course, you must provide her with the best toppings in order to make the most of her abilities.

If you are here to know about the Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie’s best toppings playstyle and more then continue reading below. 

Oyster Cookie gameplay
Oyster Cookie gameplay (YouTube)

Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie: Best Toppings

In other words, her Cooldown Reduction will not reduce the cooldown time of the skill itself. However, the soldiers summoned by Oyster Cookie are still more damaging than she could ever do on her own, making Cooldown Reduction your primary focus in building Oyster Cookie toppings.

With Swift Chocolate toppings plus the Squishy Jelly Watch treasure, you should be able to spawn three Soldiers with one cast, resulting in an army of your own. While getting enough reduction to spawn all four Soldiers is difficult, settling for two or three should be possible. So, 5x Swift Chocolate toppings are best for the Oyster Cookie. 

Best Treasures

When coupled with other summon-based cookies like Crunchy Chip Cookie and Cotton, it’s a fun build to add to Cookie Alliance. The best treasures are likely to be Squishy Jelly Watch, Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, and Seamstress’s Pin Cusion.

Oyster Cookie gameplay
Oyster Cookie gameplay (YouTube)

Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie Playstyle

There is speculation that the Cookie of the Sea may have been somehow associated with the underwater mermaids of old legends, but the exact cause of his fame and reputation is unknown. The ambitious come knocking on Manor Oysters’ doors because Oyster Cookie has a powerful influence when there are precious goods or valuable information. Perhaps that’s why Oyster Cookie is known for making favorable tides when valuable items and information are involved.

In order to summon her four potential soldiers, you will need 24.3% Cooldown Reductions. Even with stacked Toppings and sub-stats, you’ll most likely need to equip the Squishy Jelly Watch. They are Support cookies with the ability to spawn a large number of soldiers who, in the right composition, can take a good deal of damage and dish it out well also. 

Oyster Cookie gameplay
Oyster Cookie gameplay (YouTube)

How to get the Oyster Cookie?

Every 100 House Oyster Emblems will grant you a pull from the Oyster Cookie gacha. Simply complete daily and milestone missions in the event screen to claim the cookie. Some shop bundles include these: for instance, the Crunchy Chip Cookie pack. Oyster Cookie can also be obtained through regular gacha pools but at a slower rate.

If everything goes as with Clotted Cream Cookie, then there will be more Oyster Cookie shards to be earned via milestone tasks in the gacha and Arena rewards. If you can consistently farm the 400 medals every few days, then this is an excellent method of accumulating enough for the Oyster Cookie promotion.

So, this was all about the  Cookie Run Kingdom Oyster Cookie. Follow the guide properly so that you can use this cookie more effectively.

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