Stormgate, new Real-Time Strategy Game – Release Date, Gameplay Details, and more


Stormgate is coming for all of you and you need to know all the details about this game, especially if you are into Esports. Read all the details below.

Frost Giant Studios’ Stormgate is the new real-time strategy game from former Warcraft III and StarCraft II developers. Experience the thrill of science fiction and fantasy colliding in thrilling campaigns, whether you go it alone or with friends. You can challenge your friends in cooperative modes. You can also build your own game in the editor.

It is designed to be more approachable for a variety of gamers by streamlining inputs, automatically assigning units to control groups, and enhancing gameplay. The game is developed in Unreal Engine 5 and will support high-resolution HD visuals in 4K and hundreds of units in the epic as well as large-scale wars across multiple maps and tilesets. 

The first Stormgate trailer does a pretty good job setting the scene, showing an archaeologist searching for a shield in a dungeon-like setting, only to be attacked by a demon-like creature. Fortunately, before anyone is hurt, some sort of mech rescues her by flying her to safety. There is a lot more about the game and you should really know everything about the game. Below we will give you all the details about Stormgate so without wasting any time, continue reading below.

Stormgate Gameplay 

During the harrowing conflict between humanity and an alien invasion, Stormgate offers players a choice of single-player and co-op campaigns, competitive and casual PvP modes, and even creative mode.

In the distant future, alien invaders hell-bent on conquering Earth flooded out of the Stormgates into the Earth and brought the world to an end, but humanity was able to survive. You must command your mighty armies to save the world as the fully-playable demonic Infernals reignite their havoc. As long as they are not stopped, Earth’s defenders must assemble their mechs to save the day. Choose your side, harvest resources, build your base, and command mighty armies to decide which side triumphs.

Stormgate cinematic
Stormgate cinematic

The built-in tournament system allows competitive players to establish social connections even when playing 1v1. The open-ended co-op mode of Stormgate is designed for 3 players, and campaign missions can be played cooperatively.

Best for Esports

You’ll have an opportunity to compete against skilled opponents around the world via the Stormgate 1v1 ladder. With advanced matchmaking, you’ll be matched with players at all skill levels. The game allows you to start your own tournament, take part in grassroots events, or qualify for professional esports matches using the built-in tournament system.

Stormgate Editor

There is a powerful and easy-to-use editor where you can quickly make custom missions and mini-games. Withdraw terrain, create scripts, modify units, and publish your map for others to enjoy. Gather data to improve your project. Make something fun and share it with the world. You will also be rewarded for your efforts.

Stormgate game cinematic
Stormgate game

Stormgate Release Date

The development team has not announced a Stormgate release date, but players can participate in early access in mid- 2023. From that, we can assume that Stormgate will release sometime between late 2023 and early 2024, but we’ll have to wait until we hear from the developers directly.

This was all about the game details that you must know for now. This game will definitely become amazing among the gamers and if you are an Esports fan then you will definitely enjoy this game a lot. The game has lots of features and lots of exciting things to do but you will have to wait for around a year or maybe more than that to play this game. 

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