Best Team Composition for Yelan – F2P and High Investment


Find out the Best Team Composition for Yelan in our guide below. One of the best Bow sub DPS in Genshin Impact. For both high investment players as well as F2P players who want the maximum out of the game.

Yelan is the latest 5 star Hydro character with insane damage potential as a sub-DPS. The current meta really supports the hydro characters makingher an S-tier character with potential to hit SS-tier. Yelan is more of an off field Hydro support who can help trigger elemental reactions and dish out damage.

She is the second Hydro Bow user in the game after Tartaglia. It’s definitely a character worth pulling for more so if you don’t have an S tier bow user in your roster. As an F2P, if you have Hu Tao or Yoimiya then you can go for Yelan. If you already have 2 good teams for your Spiral Abyss run then you can skip this banner. But if your heart wants Yelan then she is definitely worth it.

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Yelan Story Quest

Best Team Composition for Yelan

Vaporizing Team Composition

Since Yelan’s elemental burst synchronizes with the active character’s normal attacks, she works well with characters that have fast normal attacks. Yoimiya focuses mainly on normal attacks which deal powerful Pyro DMG. This will trigger Vaporize reactions to deal additional damage.

Kazuha or Venti can boost elemental damage & have a great crowd control abilities that can also reduce elemental resistance. Diona works as a support for the whole team with a shield & an AOE attack that can heal your active character while dealing Cryo damage to the enemies triggering freeze reaction.

Yelan Vaporize Team
Yelan Vaporize Team

Free to play budget Combination

For this team composition, you can either go for Electro Overload or a Vaporize team. You can use Raiden or Fischl as off batteries while Beidou or Xianling will be the main DPS and Bennett, Sayu, or Diona for support. Yelan fits perfectly in Freeze teams, Vaporize teams, and Overload teams. So depending on which of them is your maxed-out character you can mix and match the combo. This won’t be some god-tier broken combo team up but a good average damage dealing team which will help you appreciate.

Beidou as sub-DPS and Hu Tao the main DPS can also create havoc! Yelan can proc reactions and Hu Tao dishes out damage while Beidou’s Ultimate is active. Although Beidou’s ultimate works well with melee attacks, it can be easily used to proc reactions and with Yelan and Hu Tao.

Free to Play Yelan Team
Free to Play Yelan Team

Easy Fast Cast Team Composition

Raiden will be the main DPS in this team and while her elemental burst is on CD, Yelan can deal damage with Bennett and Xiangling to support her. Now this team may get a little overwhelmed by Pyro element enemies like Abyss Mages and Whopper flowers, but it does hold off on its own. Having an Electro and Hydro character that can react with Pyro element can help overcome that.

Yelan will always be the opener with her charged attack ability called Breakthrough. AOE proc on that hit is insane and does massive hydro damage. Follow that by activating Raiden’s skill and Elemental Burst. Bennett’s ultimate works great as it applies Pyro to enemies, boosts attack and heals the active character in its radius. Xiangling works as a sub-DPS and her Ultimate is great to deal with enemy hordes.

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Electro Charged Team Composition

This team focuses on Yelan’s Elemental Burst spam with high uptime. But don’t worry you won’t need to invest in Energy Recharge artifacts as Xingqiu with the Sacrificial Sword makes up for it. Followed by Raiden’s Elemental Skill and Burst. Kazuha helps out by reducing elemental resistance and helping with crowd control.

As Yelan is a sub-DPS she will only focus on HP% and Crit Rate stats. Raiden will be the main damage dealer and will on field most of the time. Xingqiu and Yelan with hydro resonance provide bonus healing as Xingqiu helps the team survive with his rain swords. You can also use Sucrose and Fischl if you don’t have the 5-star characters.

Electro Charged Yelan Team
Electro Charged Yelan Team

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