Steam Next Fest June 2022 – 10 Games You Should Check Out


Steam Next Fest June 2022 is here and there are thousands of games. We have some of the best games that you should check out.

The Next Fest event has been brought back by Steam to build excitement for games coming to its platform. The event allows players to test out demo versions of over 1,000 new titles that are coming this week. The event is currently live on Steam and will be available this week. Earlier this week, Steam announced the Next Fest 2022 event on Twitter. The company highlighted that players would be able to try out hundreds of demos for upcoming titles and watch live streams with developers. 

When you try out your first game demo, you’ll earn an exclusive Steam Next Fest badge. As you try out more demos, your badge will automatically be upgraded. Steam has compiled a thorough schedule of live streams with game developers on its website. You can view the schedule or set a reminder for a live stream. With so many games, you will be confused about deciding the best. Therefore, we have brought you the 10 games list that you should check out. 


10 Steam Next Fest June 2022 Games

Above Snakes

Play a Western-style base builder game where you place isometric tiles to create a world, explore biomes, and uncover secrets of the land. But beware of the lost souls that roam the wilderness. This upcoming adventure RPG game is developed by Square Glade Games and the release date has not yet been confirmed.

The Above Snakes Alpha will be open during Steam Next Fest from June 13th to June 20th. Play the alpha by downloading the Demo of Above Snakes, and join the Alpha if you want to continue playing and receiving updates after the festival ends.


In Nutropolis, the citizens are entirely dependent on robots. Multinational corporations exploit the disrupted society. Arise Robotics is one of the most powerful, multinational corporations. While Nutropolis citizens are eager to buy new service bots, an embittered cyberware fanatic seeks to destroy Arise and the everyday lives of Nutropolis citizens.

DISRUPTION expands the shooter genre with aerial drone flights, hand-to-bot melees, bot-boxing, and specialized weapons. After battling a small, violent uprising in Nutropolis, you must fight a series of deadly missions to eliminate the rogue robot faction. Various environments are presented in a series of narrow levels that are precise and rich in detail without being repetitive or random. Main missions progress the storyline while side missions offer exploration and expansion opportunities.


The story Bloodhound tells the tale of a member of the Order of Keepers of the Gates, tasked with protecting the gates of Hell. Unfortunately, an evil group stands between them. The Cult of Astaroth desires to open the gates and let the spawn of evil in. All of this is done in the name of Astaroth, so she can once more be let loose to wreak havoc on the earth.

In this arcade horror FPS game inspired by the legends of the 90s, you must stop the Satanists and destroy the creatures they have summoned. Destroy the Satanist Cult before they can bring back their Lord. Indulge in indecently engaging gameplay as you experience a one-of-a-kind combination of mobility and firepower. Slaughter your opponents; there are no shields or regeneration throughout the fight, so grab your weapons, upgrade them, and keep your fingers on the triggers.

Bloodhound at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Cult of the Lamb

In this cutesy cult simulator from Massive Monster, you take on the role of an adorable lamb leading a strange cult of woodland animals. The cult promotes harmony and unity, but there are also nefarious happenings going on, with bodies being buried and secrets being discovered around every corner.

The free demo of the game, available on Steam now, allows players to experience the title’s blend of roguelike features and management simulation elements. It’s also extremely adorable and shows the game’s cast in all their cuddly glory, despite their secretly murderous natures. On August 11, 2022, Cult of the Lamb will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

Mage Noir – Infinity

This is a strategy card game where you become a true mage and fight with the power of the elements. The entire game is focused on spell crafting, and you’ll encounter fireballs, crashing waves, tornadoes, and tons of magical abilities, all within reach. In Mage Noir, you’ll be combining lesser spells to create stronger ones. The spell crafting system is very logical, simple, and enjoyable. The game is developed by Double Combo Games, Fremen Corp and the release date has not been announced yet.

Mage Noir - Infinity
Mage Noir – Infinity

Signum Perfectum

A turn-based card game where two players battle using decks of 25 cards. Cast magic to defeat your opponents or protect yourself against their curses. Winning matches will reward you with new cards. There are currently 22 different cards to collect, but more will be added. During a match, the player must catch a sign from each card before the card can be played. The bigger the level of the card, the more powerful it is, but also the more difficult it is to catch a sign.


In OmniCity, a sprawling East European megacity with many social classes trying to live, or at least survive. Poor neighborhoods are run by gangs who terrorize residents and even corporations. Unable to eradicate the crime, the government contracts CyberCorp to eradicate the source-the gang leaders.

CyberCorp is a giant corporation with an innovative technology called Synths, or bodies that store the personality of its engineers. The Synths are deployed to the hottest parts of the city to carry out missions. You’ll have to deal with gangs and bring order back to the streets!


This is a turn-based strategic battle digital board game. You become one of four Spirits incarnated out of the 4 elements: Nature, Earth, Water, and Fire. During the 4 seasons, the Spirits of the fallen trying to reclaim their places in the World Tree.

It seems easy, but your way to victory won’t be. You will have to build a solid strategy to overcome the obstacles and traps that others will have prepared. Operate in Custom mode to challenge your friends. Create a private room and share the code to enable your friends to join.

A Bad Game Of Football

In A Bad Game Of Football, two genres mix, Real-Time Strategy, and football. Your whole team is under your control during all phases of the game. Where they are, what they do, if they start picking their noses, who or what they kick.

There is no leveling of stats, no pay-to-win advantages over others, and no grinding for special characters. All players remain the same no matter how they appear. This is the first time that true equality has been achieved. Even so, you get to pick their uniforms, hats, and colors, so they can go out in style. This is a very light and fun game that you can enjoy if you are looking for a sports-type genre with some extra fun.

Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted

A challenging, action-packed, souls-lite experience, Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted will take you from the depths of the dungeons to the rooftops and save the corrupted natural world as you journey through this mysterious “prehuman” story. The World Tree began to grow inside The Heart Of The Earth when Primogenitus (first people) lived on a planet made of dust with no trees or plants. Clouds and rain appeared, lakes and seas appeared; saplings of The World Tree started to grow. Gûl sought to decimate the tree and Elrih sought to preserve it.

Consequently, a war ensued between Gûl and Elrih, and the Primogenitus began to lose power. This led to the evolution of species. The World Tree captures Gûl, who is held captive under it for thousands of years. The seal is broken by a malicious cult of humans after thousands of years, and Gûl is finally freed.

Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted
Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted

So these were our 10 games that you should check out in the Steam Next Fest June 2022. All these games are amazing and you must try them out. 

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