Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Beat Dragon Showdown


Confused about which toppings or cookies to use for the CRK Dragon Showdown? We have everything that you need for this battle.

In the legendary game Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), the Red Dragon of the Valley poses a substantial challenge. To secure victory in the CRK Dragon Showdown and help Hollberry Cookie reclaim the Hollyberry Kingdom throne, assembling a powerful team is essential if your previous attempts at defeating the Red Dragon have fallen short. Fear not. We have made a guide that outlines the best team composition and strategies to ensure your triumph over this fierce enemy.


Best Team Composition for CRK Dragon Showdown

To defeat the Red Dragon of the Valley in the CRK Dragon Showdown, you must assemble a team of cookies that synergize effectively and possess optimal capabilities. We recommend levelling the following cookies to levels 65-75 for the best results in this boss fight. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Special Conditions, as the stats and buffs of the cookies are adjusted precisely for this stage. 

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Best Team Composition for CRK Dragon Showdown Story Mode

For the Story Mode, the following cookie composition is highly recommended:

Hollyberry Cookie, by default, takes the position in Front Lane. As the primary defending entity, she excels in survivability, which is crucial for ensuring the longevity of Tarte Tatin Cookie.

Milky Way Cookie should also be positioned in the Front Lane. This cookie provides valuable support in countering the enemy’s attacks. Wildberry or Pitaya Cookie can be suitable alternatives if Milky Way Cookie is unavailable.

Tarte Tatin Cookie assumes the Middle Lane and plays a pivotal role in the team composition. In the absence of Tarte Tatin Cookie, Pitaya Cookie or Milky Way Cookie can be alternatives.

Placed in the Rear Lane, Pure Vanilla Cookie acts as the team’s primary healer. The extensive healing capabilities of Pure Vanilla Cookie make them indispensable for sustaining the team throughout the battle.

Herb Cookie, a support Cookie, occupies the Rear Lane as well. Their unique Purify buff periodically cleanses all allies from enemy debuffs, ensuring the team’s survival. If Herb Cookie is unavailable, suitable alternatives include Snapdragon, BTS, or Cream Puff Cookie.

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Best Team Composition for CRK Dragon Showdown Dark Mode

If you are playing in CRK Dragon Showdown Dark Mode, the following team composition is recommended:

Like Story Mode, Hollyberry Cookie also takes the Front Lane in Dark Mode. Their defensive capabilities are crucial for the team’s success.

Positioned alongside Hollyberry Cookie in the Front Lane, Pitaya Cookie offers valuable support in countering the enemy’s attacks.

In Middle Lane, Pure Vanilla Cookie acts as the team’s primary healer. Their healing ability is essential for the team’s survival.

Snapdragon Cookie occupies the Rear Lane, providing support to the team. If Snapdragon Cookie is unavailable, BTS Cookie can be a suitable alternative.

Placed in the Rear Lane, Cream Puff Cookie provides additional support and contributes to the overall survivability of the team. Herb Cookie and Milky Way Cookie can be utilized as alternatives if Cream Puff Cookie is unavailable.


Toppings and Treasures

To maximize your chances of defeating the Red Dragon, you must equip your cookies with appropriate Toppings and Treasures. These enhance the abilities and performance of the cookies in battle, offering a significant advantage. Experiment with different combinations and utilize the ones that complement your team composition and playstyle.


Using the recommended team compositions and optimizing your Toppings and Treasures, you are well-equipped to defeat the Red Dragon of the Valley and emerge victorious in the CRK Dragon Showdown.

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