Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Guide – Top tips for beginners 2022


Here is our complete Guide with the best tips and tricks to crush your opponents in Cookie Run Kingdom PvP mode.

Cookie Run Kingdom has plenty of opportunities for exploration. There are many things to do in the game, and the developers have updated and added even more content for fans from time to time. Gacha system and kingdom-style base-building are combined with action-based RPG features in this game.

PvP (Arena mode) is another important aspect of the game, in which players form their own parties and work their way up the leagues, battling it out for trophies. Players are rewarded with crystals and other end-of-season goodies at the end of each season. Players will learn the best tips for PvP battles in Cookie Run Kingdom in this Guide.

Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Guide

Kingdom Arena is the main PvP mode of the game, where players use their Cookie teams to battle other players’ teams. Defeating other players rewards Trophies, which determine the player’s tier, and Medals, which can be redeemed at the Medal Shop for valuable items and Soulstones.

Leveling up Cookies

The most crucial part of PvP combat is cookie upgrading. Cookie levels must be comparable to or slightly lower than those of your base experience. The greater your cookie level, the more space there is for toppings. The overall damage output of the cookies increases as their level rises, and their ability improves as well.

Selecting Toppings for Cookies

To obtain the upper hand in PvPs, toppings are a must-have addition to your cookies. They are items that cookies can use to gain perks. A bonus set effect can be activated by equipping toppings of the same type. Topping slots are unlocked at the 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th levels, giving a total of five slots to all Cookies.

Mont Blanc Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
Mont Blanc Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Team Synergy

One of the most crucial aspects of PvP combat in Cookie Run Kingdom is putting together a well-balanced team. Even if they are high level and powerful, an uneven team cannot battle effectively. Low-level cookies with more balance and support can be a lot more effective. A player must include one or even two defensive or charge cookies on the frontlines, ambush/ bomber/ magic type cookies in the middle, and support cookies in the back while forming a team.

Selecting Enemies

Prior to the start of the battle, players must scout the ideal opponent. A perfect enemy is one whose attack power is lower than yours. Scout out your enemy cookies, their levels, how you can counter them, and how they can counter you. Before beginning a battle, all of these scenarios must be evaluated. Players can sometimes defeat higher-level opponents if they have a well-balanced team.

Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom

You can improve your odds of winning a battle by equipping treasures to support cookies. There are three types of treasures: common, rare, and epic. Some Treasures are passive and affect the cookies at all times, while others are active and must be pressed to activate.

This was our Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Guide. Players can use these tips to win their PvP battles and progress in the game. Cookie Run Kingdom is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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