Best Weapons to use in Apex Legends – September 2022

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With the recent changes in the game to various guns, our guide will help you to understand the current best weapons in Apex Legends.

Keeping up with the Apex Legends weapon meta is a full-time job, with new weapons being released every Season. Apex Legends now has a total of 27 weapons to choose from, each with its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and attachment options. This is our list of the Best Weapons in Apex Legends. It comprises all different types of guns like snipers, machine guns, LMG, SMG and pistols.

Best Weapons in Apex Legends

1. Kraber 0.50 Cal – Sniper

Simply put, the Kraber is the most effective weapon in the game. The sniper rifle is exclusively available via supply drops, and it will most likely stay that way for the duration of Apex Legends. Regardless of its rarity, the Kraber’s damage is fatal. This bolt-action sniper provides amazing damage at almost any range, and even if you miss the head, you’ll soften up opponents nicely enough for a teammate to finish them off with ease.

Apex Legends sniper Kraber
Kraber 0.50 Cal – Sniper

2. M600 Spitfire – Machine Gun

The Spitfire is taking the Prowler’s place in the Care Package, which means Respawn is removing the chains and allowing the Spitfire to be as powerful as it can be. Despite its limited ammo due to its status as a Care Package weapon, the Spitfire nonetheless shoots a large number of bullets at a reasonable rate and at a respectable range for a significant amount of damage. This monster has been a threat for the past season or two, and while it will be rarer in Season 10, it will be much more powerful.

Apex Legends machine gun M600 Spitfire
M600 Spitfire – Machine Gun

3. R-301 Carbine – Light Assault Rifle

The R-301 is a reliable weapon that has been a mainstay for Apex Legends gamers for as long as the game has existed. It has low recoil and a wide range of firing possibilities. The Carbine has recently witnessed a surge in competitive play, owing to its strong early and mid-game. Early on, dominate with it, and later on, preserve it as a reliable backup.

light assault rifle r-301
R-301 Carbine – Light Assault Rifle

4. L-Star – Energy LMG

The L-STAR is a one-of-a-kind weapon with an endless magazine that launches massive energy missiles (though still requires ammo). The weapon does not require reloading, but it can overheat and require a brief cooling period if fired too frequently. Players that master the L-STAR’s range and overheat feature can do a lot of damage to close-range opponents quickly, but it struggles more than other LMGs at medium-to-long range.

Apex Legends l-star energy lmg
L-Star – Energy LMG

5. Volt – Energy SMG

The Volt SMG has long been a contender for the R-99, since both fire extremely quickly and cause a lot of damage if players can hit their shots. However, just like the R-99, if players are unable to hit the targets, the gun will become useless. Because it is an Energy weapon, the shots have less damage falloff, which is wonderful, but the weapon’s stability makes it difficult to use at range, which makes sense given that it is an SMG. Overall, if the player has the expertise to use it, it’s one of the best burst-DPS weapons in the game.

energy smg volt
Volt – Energy SMG

6. Wingman – Heavy Pistol

Because of the tremendous amount of damage it deals with each bullet, the Wingman is our favourite pistol. A Wingman’s hit deals 45 damage per hit, with a headshot doubling the damage to 90. The Wingman is the only pistol whose headshot multiplier does not drop as range increases, allowing you to easily use it at middle ranges and even inflict significant damage at long range.

Apex Legends wingman
Wingman- Heavy Pistol

7. Alternator – SMG

Consider the Alternator to be a scaled-down version of the R-99. Although it deals a lot of damage every round, it fires at a significantly slower rate. If you’re aiming to tag targets from afar, be prepared to deal with its recoil. However, the Alternator is best suited for mowing down adversaries at close range. Get some light bullets on hand and start spraying.

smg alternator
Alternator – smg

8. Triple Take – Sniper

The Triple Take was fantastic as a ground-loot sniper rifle, but its effectiveness has been hampered by its inclusion in care packages. It’s marketed as a long-range weapon with all the accessories to turn it into a formidable sniper rifle, but in the early stages of the game, the once-energy rifle actually performs best up close. This is due to the fact that it has a widespread and launches three missiles. You’ll rip adversaries down if you can get three of the 50-60 damage bolts to land, effectively acting as a shotgun.

sniper triple take
Triple Take – Sniper

9. R-99 – Light SMG

The R-99 is known for its enormous damage output, awkward recoil, and insanely fast fire rate. Because the R-99 needs you to be somewhat near to the target, if you can’t hit most of the shots from a magazine, you’ll end up suffering more damage than you deal. The R-99 will rip through enemies if you can hit the shots.

Apex Legends r-99
R-99 – Light SMG

10. Peacekeeper – Shotgun

The Peacekeeper has been pulled from care packages, and all of its stats have been nerfed as a result. Even better, it now comes with its Precision Choke as standard. The Peacekeeper is officially back on top in the Apex Legends meta after the Mastiffs’ massive Season 8 nerfs, and is the game’s must-take close range weapon once more.

Apex Legends peacekeeper
Peache keeper – Shotgun

This was or list of the Best Weapons in Apex Legends. The list is constantly changing due to the updates made by the developers and the addition of new guns in the game. Check back to see next season if your favorite gun is at the top.

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