Black Pearl Cookie Boss Guide – Tips and Tricks


Want to know how to beat the Black Pearl cookie boss in the game? Read our guide below that has some of the best tips and tricks.

As part of the Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update, Black Pearl Cookie was added as a Legendary Cookie alongside Captain Caviar Cookie. She is of the Ambush type and prefers the middle position.

She sits on a foul throne of underwater wreckage and silently seethes over a Cookie who once betrayed her long ago, the cataclysmic sovereign of the Duskgloom Sea, impartially dragging countless vessels into the endless abyss for her own enjoyment. You are going to face this Black Pearl cookie boss and it is going to be a hard battle for you. If you are facing difficulties then do not worry, our guide will help you with all the tips and tricks.

Black pearl cookie
Black pearl cookie

Black Pearl Cookie Boss Overview

EventsAbyssal Pearl Gacha, Black Pearl Islands

In order to beat the Black Pearl cookie boss, you will just need to be aware of her abilities and skills. Once you understand them, you will easily beat down the boss. So let’s take a look at what her skills can do. 

Black Pearl cookie boss skill is called Duskgloom’s Sovereign. We will break down her skill and will tell you what it actually does so that you can prepare yourself in advance.

Whirlpool storm

Shifts into her true form and plunges into the abyss, causing a whirlpool storm that deals periodic damage and engulfs even enemies resistant to interrupting. 

Terror of the Abyss

Terror of the Abyss inflicts true damage proportionate to the target’s Maximum HP to enemies who are terrified by the Cookie’s giant size. If Terror of the Abyss is dispelled, the target will suffer true damage proportionate to their maximum HP.

Fight gameplay
Fight gameplay

Fear effects are useless against her

As the ruler of the abyss herself, Black Pearl Cookie is immune to Fear effects. It is important to note that the maximum amount of damage that can be dealt to opponents is 300,000. So you should keep this in mind and plan your attacks accordingly.

Things to keep in mind

  • The black pearl cookie boss has a 15-second Cooldown
  • Her Lightning damage is 240.8%
  • The Whirlpool can do 10 hits over 2.0 sec
  • The single hit damage proportional to Max HP is 6.3%
  • Lightning & Whirlpool damage reduction bypass is 40.0%

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