How to Play Escape Rooms in Fortnite – Best Maps, Codes, and more


We bring you the best escape room maps available in Fortnite to enjoy with our friends or hash out solo from themes like horror, farm, mystery, and more.

Fortnite by Epic games is a game that took the world by storm. The free to play battle royale with its own unique twist of build fights. This battle royale was probably the most difficult yet crack addicting to all the teenagers and youngsters. The game had a very high skill requirement for competitive play.

Young teenagers outplayed tried and tested veterans and the level of learning curve was too over reaching. This started hindering the initial plan of making a fun game. To reduce competitiveness and engage the players more, creative mode was added. And in creative rooms, escape rooms could be created where players from across the globe can play.

Escape the Museum 9388-7402-2281

Museum Escape | Mediareferee
The pristine looking museum in fortnite creative mode

Fortnite escape rooms are like roblox game rooms except they are more refined and high definition. Bringing us to the first escape room of the list. Escape the Museum is like the name suggests needs you to escape from the museum. Solve puzzles, unlock rooms, open trap doors and escape.

Crystal Planet Escape Room 8541-7760-0193

Planet Escape | Mediareferee
The crystal studded world in space

The story is that you were travelling in space and suddenly your spaceship crashed into this planet. Firstly, you have to escape this planet by finding stuff in this maze like planet. Secondly, there are a lot of hidden pathways and parkour required. So best stretch your legs before jumping into it.

Spaceship Escape Room 0436-2656-6618

Spaceship Escape | Mediareferee
Time bound escape room experience

This is time bound escape challenge, where you need to execute tasks in bound time. Whether you can beat the time trial and progress the story is up to you. You are an astronaut in an spaceship, which is breaking down. Try to bring as may items as you can while escaping.

Escape the Ancient Ruins 8530-7928-4892

Ruin Escape | Mediareferee
Plunge into the natural beauty and ruins

This is a multiple ending mini game so you can try attempt an escape different style every time. Jump into the ruins and explore this wonderful flora. Enter Drake style and work your way in and out of the ruins. Exhilarating fun for solo and team play in the backdrop of lush greenery.

 Stranger Things Escape Room 8200-2722-1496

Fortnite creative maps can have a lot of fun and trendy themes like with the launch of new season of Stranger things. Every new TV series launch can lead to spike in its creative map usage. This helps the series and the game with promotion. If you are a stranger things fan you should definitely check this out.

How and where to enter codes?

  1. Enter the game. In Fortnite Lobby, press the Discovery button in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on a Creative section.
  3. Press the corresponding button to ‘Change’ the mode you’re playing.
  4. Scroll across to the ‘Island Code’ tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Press Enter to confirm map choice. 
  6. Return to the lobby and press Play to launch the game mode.

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