Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Case Locations



Struggling to find Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Case Locations? Here, you can discover the best spots to find and open weapon cases.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has gone live. Season 1,  Underground, has lots of exciting features. There have been several additions to the game after the exit of OG maps. The Fortnite Festival mode, Lego, Trains, and Snow biomes have been the new entrants. Also, Fortnite Chapter 5 has unleashed Weapon Cases, a new feature that lets players unlock and store weapons. Weapon cases spawn across islands in new locations.

Finding weapon cases is simple as they spawn in all main locations. The new Fortnite weekly goals have lots of kickstart quests. One of these quests tasks players to search and find a weapon case. You can complete these new quests and earn unlimited XP and this helps you level up fast in the game. Weapon cases also grant some powerful rifles and shotguns that you can use to defeat bosses.

As of now, you can find Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon case in more than 5 locations. With a pickaxe or other weapon, you can break the cases and collect weapons, shields, healing items, and other utility items as well. Completing this quest also unlocks 15k xp and this helps you level up your battle pass in the game. So, here’s how you can search a weapon case in Fortnite Chapter 5.

All Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Case Locations

Weapon cases spawn inside rooms of buildings. The best locations to find weapon cases in Fortnite Chapter 5 are,

Fortnite chapter 5 Weapon case locations
Weapon cases
  • Ruined Reels
  • Rebel’s Roost
  • Snooty Steppes
  • Fencing Fields
  • Hazy Hillside
  • Classy Courts
  • Reckless Railways
  • Pleasant Piazza
  • Ritzy Riviera

These are the best locations to find Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon case. The weapon cases don’t spawn as floor or ground loot often, so it’s better to search inside houses or buildings. It can be found near trash cans as well. So, explore these locations and break a weapon case and grab some elite weapons.

Fortnite chapter 5 Weapon case locations
Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Case Locations 4

Once you find a weapon case, a small interaction with cases will help you get those weapons and resources inside. The weapon case contains legendary items that don’t spawn in random treasure chests. So, break Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon case and loot these exclusive weapons. Some of the best weapons from Fortnite weapon cases are,

IMG 20231205 151340 1
  • Ambush Striker AR
  • Frenzy Auto Shotgun
  • Reaper Sniper Rifle
  • Hammer Pump Shotgun
  • Ranger Pistol

That’s how you can find weapon cases in Fortnite. Complete the quest and collect 15k XP. The Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon case feature is an excellent addition to the battle royale. You can simply break these cases and collect powerful weapons. 

Be it Infantry Rifle or Pumpkin Launcher weapon, these can be used to slay bosses in snow biomes. The weapons with the best damage stats always provide an added advantage against opponents in boss battles.


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